Watch: Stevie Wonder Thinks Aretha Franklin’s Death Is Probably Your Fault

Written by Wes Walker on August 27, 2018

I’ve heard liberals blame a lot of things on their favorite alarmist cause, but this is a first.

It just goes to show you that even a musical genius can hone his other talents to becoming a SPECIAL variety of stupid.

Because statements this dumb must take years of practice.

The woman was seventy-six years old when she passed away. And Stevie Wonder thinks he knows why.

That pancreatic cancer that claimed her life? It’s because of …

… wait for it…

global warming.

If you’re as cynical as we are, you’re about to call Bullsh*t. Because even Hollywood can’t be THAT dumb, can they?

Oh yes they can. See for yourself.

In his own words:

This thing I just feel that all these various diseases that we have and all these things that are happening in the world in part is because there are those who don’t believe in global warming, don’t believe that what we do affects the world. what we eat affects the world. and affects us.

Halfway through his rant, he changes direction.

And I just hope that people will grow up and grow out of the foolishness and know that we all by how we think how we do how we treat others we will never unlock the key until we truly let go the hatred the bigotry the evilness the selfishness when we do that then we can unlock some of those things that keep us in this place.

Gee, and here we were thinking that pancreatic cancer was due to cancerous cells growing unchecked by the body in — and this is just a guess here — the pancreas.

Thanks for straightening us out on that one Stevie.

This video brings new meaning to the phrase, ‘the blind leading the blind’.

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