White Game Farmer Says He’ll Use Force If South African Govt Tries To Take His Ranch

Written by Wes Walker on August 24, 2018

Some will willingly submit to being frogmarched off of their own land by a hostile government. Not these guys. They’re not going down without a fight.

As we have reported, but precious few ‘news’ outlets bother to discuss, the South African government believes two wrongs make a right. They are in the process of seizing farmland from white farmers to redistribute that land to other people more worthy of it — namely, people who aren’t white.

If any world government were doing this to any other racial group, they’d be all over it. Especially if some Western nation could be painted as the bad guy. But the relative media silence about so many farmers who have lived there for generations being attacked for being nothing more than white farmers is damning. Countless examples exist of homesteads where women have been raped and killed, men have been disemboweled, or their children’s heads crushed like an egg.

This is coming from a grudge against white people generally, not a desire for specific acts of justice against specific people for specific wrongdoing. And who pays the price for such generalized anger? Well, aside from the families that have been, or may yet be butchered by their own neighbors, it’s people like this who pay a price.

Them, and the 300 people they would have employed.

This isn’t merely a property shift we’re seeing here. This is a murderous mob rage. Here’s a news report from South Africa that underscores that point:

One duly-elected politician who sided against the land confiscation is facing threats of being forcibly removed, by violence.

EFF leader Julius Malema has explained that his party is specifically aiming to remove Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip because he is white.
[…] “They will be touched – don’t worry. But we are starting with this whiteness. We are cutting the throat of whiteness.

“Trollip will not be a mayor after the 6th of April, if they give us that date.”

Source: News24

One landowner made his name among these news stories a different way. He is taking a stand.

It’s not just your regular farmer’s homestead either. He doesn’t grow crops. He runs a wild game preserve.

He’s got himself a [$13M USD] game reserve. He says he bought some uninhabited and unused land 20 years ago, but now that he’s built it up, and made it worth something, covetous neighbors are saying it’s rightfully theirs.

The government ‘kindly’ offered ten percent of its value.

Johan Steenkamp and Arnold Cloete, co-owners of the Akkerland Boerdery hunting farm in Limpopo province, said they were ordered to hand over their land after talks to buy it at a tenth of the price broke down, the Daily Mail reported.

Meanwhile president Cyril Ramaphosa, who took over from Jacob Zuma last year, told a farmers’ conference on Monday that “land reform” was necessary to “correct a past wrong”.

Source: NewsTalkZB

Notice, if it’s accurate that he bought it ’20 years ago’, that would mean he bought it AFTER the END of Apartheid, so it couldn’t possibly be claimed that he came by it as a result of Apartheid.

Not that such facts have changed anything. And with the new changes to the law, the government has now told the owners to get off their own land. And the government’s motives aren’t exactly ‘pure’, either.

‘This attempted seizure of our farm is not about a noble attempt to redistribute the land to the poor of Africa but it is all about the government getting their hands on the minerals.

‘This is not about what is on the land but it is about what is underneath the land.

‘We have done our own tests on the land and we say the land is valued at R200 million but the Government expect us to take a tenth of that which make no mistake is pure theft.

‘There was absolutely nothing here when we bought it and the next thing we know a local tribe has put in a claim for the land and there is no evidence whatsoever to support that.

‘We fenced in the land and stocked it with animals and it was our plan to hire 300 local people to build a thriving estate in a game farm which would boost the local economy.

‘But then the coal company realised what we were sitting on and wanted our land for the minerals but they do not want to pay us a realistic price for the value of what we own.

‘We have so far spent 600,000 rand (£35,000) on legal fees trying to save our farm from seizure.

Source: DailyMail

They are not going to let that happen easily. They are armed and protecting what’s theirs.

What are they defending? Have a look at some photos. They have their own little slice of paradise.

It took a lot of time and effort to build that into what it is now. If you take that work without compensating it, you will have made them do all that work for free.

There’s a word for forcing someone else to work for free… slavery.

By what logic is the enslaving of one man ever the correct remedy for wrongs inflicted upon someone he has never met?

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