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Yo, CNN: Here’s Why All Rational People Are MOCKING You Today

Did they never learn the moral of the story about the ‘kid who cried wolf’?

CNN personalities get REALLY touchy when you tell them they are fake news.

We all remember the months following Trump’s Inauguration when the President tagged CNN with the Nickname of Shame. The one they carry with them like Lady MacBeth’s ‘damned spot’. That fateful presidential pronouncement: “you are fake news”.

Bernie Sanders was cut off in an interview. ‘Technical problems’ happened on set. Was it Don Lemon who cut a whole segment short when someone said it? The lunacy all blurs together after awhile.

(That could have something to do with why even their top shows are trailing far behind in the ratings. Somewhere behind Nickelodeon, if I recall.)

And they’ve just shot themselves in the foot again. In a business that has exactly one commodity, credibility they’ve managed to get caught with their pants down in yet another lie. Did they offer a Mia Culpa? No. They doubled down.

As Donald Trump Jr said so succinctly:

The two bombshells were their opinion masquerading as reporting. Clinging resolutely to their Trump-is-Putin’s puppet narrative, no matter how many times it comes up empty, their journalist malpractice, and personal malice against the President has bitten them in the butt yet again.

Beginning with the most recent story, there was the question of Trump’s former lawyer planning to ‘out’ the President by exposing that he did, in fact, have personal knowledge of the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya.

Cohen’s lawyer, the Clinton- and Russian oligarch-connected Lanny Davis, has come forward and identified himself as the origin of that story. He has ALSO formally retracted it because he got it wrong, but CNN STILL stands by it.

What makes this story worse, is that they went through a dog-and-pony-show of pretending to ask Davis to weigh in on the story, and allowed him to say ‘no comment’ even though they all knew perfectly well he was the origin of the story. (You can get a more detailed account of that story, and CNN’s doubling down on it here.)

And the lawyer’s connections to both Russian Oligarchs, the Clintons, and some other unseemly characters are laid out in significant detail in another story:
Cohen’s Lawyer Isn’t Just Close With The Clintons — He’s A Registered Foreign Agent For A Pro-Putin Oligarch

We might suggest that Lanny’s ‘declined to comment’ was not the finest hour of the ‘great’ Carl Bernstein and his co-authors. In fact, it seems downright duplicitous.

Let’s skip back another nine months or so to another story where CNN cried ‘gotcha’ on Trump’s son.

CNN somehow got a “inside information” about secret correspondence between Donald Trump Jr. and Wikileaks. They found ‘proof’ that he had information from Julian Assange BEFORE it was made public.

They practically wet themselves with excitement. They rushed to share the story.

There was only one problem. All the relevant facts that made it a story? CNN got them completely wrong.

Don Jr shared that Wikipedia information alright.

But he only did it AFTER it was in the public domain. All those breathlessly wild accusations and defamations — which we still hear echoed by his more ardent enemies — burst like a bubble.

Not that it matters, the stain on his reputation was already out there. A seed had been planted. Don Trump Jr. is corrupt and traitorous. Mission accomplished, truth be damned.

But did any heads at CNN roll over that? Nope.

Even ABC had sense enough to let Brian Ross go over similar problems with his credibility after a very similar gleeful report of supposedly damning information (that turned out to be completely innocuous) about General Mike Flynn contacting foreign governments… AFTER it became his responsibility as part of Trump’s transition team to do exactly that.)

Those stories might be damning enough. But that would leave out a few other choice ones:

The manipulated video in the Japanese Koi Pond…

That time a fake Russia story involving Scaramucci got 3 CNN staffers fired…
3 CNN staffers resign over retracted Scaramucci-Russia story

How far back do you want to go?

Donna Brazile is totally not sorry for leaking CNN debate questions to Hillary Clinton

And this was just hilarious. Poor little Jimmy. Remember the Acosta tweet that he used to have as ‘pinned’ denying that he was fake news…

The ‘threats’ Acosta felt at a Trump rally (where he was seen chatting with some of them), because he finds people exercising THEIR First Amendment by heckling dishonest journalists to be somehow ‘threatening’ and where it ‘doesn’t feel like America’ anymore.


And this…

At what point does the accusation of fake news stop being a “conspiracy against journalism”, and become an honest skepticism of an obviously corrupt press, who makes ‘mistakes’ constantly, but they are always… always… ALWAYS mistakes that somehow, defying all odds, are mistakes that happen to tell a narrative which is to the President’s detriment. Not a single one of their erroneous stories make him look better than full set of facts would allow.

And if you are REALLY interested in a Russian Collusion angle on the Trump Tower, you might want to ask why the founder of Fusion GPS — the company Hillary’s team paid to dig up dirt on Trump, and the Dossier which led to the Mueller investigation — reportedly met with that same Russian lawyer both the day before and the day after the Trump Tower meeting people take so much interest in. These before-and-after meetings make the whole episode seem like Donald was being deliberately set up by the Oppo-research people.

Almost as though there was a ‘larger plan’ all along.

You might think that there was  a story worth reporting there. There IS. Unless you’re CNN. Then you’re just the AV arm of the Democrat party. And there is nothing to see there. #FreePress

Trump isn’t just wanted by the Left who think that one day, they’ll finally nail him on some phantom ‘Russian Collusion’ allegation.

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