PURE GOLD. Donors To Cohen’s ‘Truth Fund’ Want Their Cash Back After His Counsel Admits To Lying

Written by K. Walker on August 30, 2018

Things are not looking good for the left’s newest hero. Maybe they should have named the crowdfunding campaign something else.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

Michael Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, mentioned on every media outlet he could manage to get himself on that he was setting up a crowdfunding page for the lawyer that recorded his client in private conversations without his knowledge or permission.

Initially, Davis reported the name of the website incorrectly.

Bret Baier posted that the website MichaelCohenTruth.com links to donaldjtrump.com.


It turns out that Davis simply misspoke. But then, he seems to do that a lot.

Davis lied about what he did or didn’t know about what his client knew to push a completely fake story implicating President Trump in possible ‘Russian collusion.’

ClashDaily covered Michael Cohen’s betrayal of President Trump here.

And we know that Lanny Davis is just an absolute peach of a human being.

No worries, though. Eventually, many anti-Trumpers found the GoFundMe page, Michael Cohen Truth Fund, and were able to make donations.

In just a week, the fund had raised over $165,000.

Now that Davis has come clean that he was the anonymous source for a CNN story and that CNN outright lied by putting him on the record as ‘no comment’, people are a wee bit angry and want their money back.

The Washington Examiner reports:

A Switzerland-based tax adviser who donated $150 to the ” truth fund” told the Washington Examiner that she read articles describing Davis’ walk-back on Tuesday morning and would now like a refund.

“If it is possible to get the money back, I would appreciate this,” she said.

Los Angeles-based attorney Henry Gradstein said he’s not particularly concerned about losing $100, but that refunds might be the right thing to do.

“As an ethical matter, yes, very disappointing,” Gradstein said regarding whether he wanted a refund. “As a practical matter, no — it’s $100.”

Others don’t seem to be concerned about the money.

One individual says that he doesn’t care about his $300 donation to Cohen’s fund because he hopes that Vice President Mike Pence will ‘stand up be his own man‘ and ‘salvage the reputation of the presidency and our party.

This new move by leftists to use the anti-Trump sentiment to fundraise for people like Michael Cohen and disgraced FBI agent,Peter Strzok, is just unreal.

These are the people that say that we need to care for the poor, marginalized, and the oppressed. And, yet, they’re giving money to these prominent individuals simply because they might ‘take down’ Trump.

I wonder how happy the intesectional crowd is with money going to ‘privileged white men’ like Cohen and Strzok?

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