ADIOS: Here’s 5 Reasons People Leave Church – Can You Add More?

Written by Wes Walker on September 24, 2018

How does your Church (or perhaps the one you left) stack up on this list?

There are a bunch of reasons people walk away from their Church — or Church life altogether.

How well does the Church you have in mind score on this list?

1) Believing Christianity is all about the Bible

It’s about Jesus. There’s nothing magical about reciting the good book. It is, however, the way we get to know him and what he would have us know about all things pertaining to life and godliness.

2. They believe suffering disproves the existence of God

Suffering can knock you (and your faith) for a loop — even CS Lewis struggled with it. But suffering is a fact of life that in and of itself, neither proves nor disproves the goodness of God, it only disproves an imaginary God who magically eliminates pain and suffering from this life, not the guy who said ‘in this life you will have trouble’. (See: Job)

3. Bad Church experience

Tell them up front that you’re imperfect and will probably disappoint them, and it will help them to remember it’s Jesus who’s perfect, not us.

It’s called ‘managing expectations’. Some people forget that the savior they’re looking for isn’t the pastor of a church.

4. We’re bad at making people feel welcome

If you think it’s *you* that draws people to Church, guess again. There are plenty of interesting ways to spend Sunday morning. Is CHRIST present in your gathering?

And is what made him so attractive to the masses rubbing off on everyone there?

Why did the crowds follow him? Because there was something — different — about him. About the way he interected with others. Even with the people HE had time for when nobody else would. Rich or poor, religious leaders or notorious sinners, it didn’t matter. He had time for people of every background.

People aren’t drawn to ‘you’ so much as they are to Jesus-in-you. Early Christians were called ‘Little Jesuses’ (Christian was originally supposed to be an insult). Would anyone say that of you?

5. We made ekklesia (the church) a building

The ‘church’ is a people, not a building.

Ekklesia was not, and is not, a religious term. It does not mean church or house of the Lord. It certainly shouldn’t be associated with a temple. The term was used widely to describe a gathering, assembly, civic gatherings, or an assembly of soldiers. Or as was the case in Acts 19, an assembly of rioting idol manufacturers.

An ekklesia was a gathering of people for a specific purpose. Any specific purpose. It’s not a building. It’s not a physical location. It’s a group of people.
Source: FoxNews

Did they miss any reasons?

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