BOOM! Pastor Defies Aretha Franklin’s Family Who Disapproved Of Him Criticizing Blacks

Written by Wes Walker on September 4, 2018

The family that didn’t object to swipes against politicians who weren’t even present did not appreciate the tough love tone in a Pastor’s message.

Then again, a competent doctor that warns an obese patient about impending health problems doesn’t always get thanked for putting his job above personal feelings, either.

At a Funeral that featured Farrakhan, Clinton, Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Jr as honored guests in the front row, it came as no surprise that what might have been a solemn or even joyous occasion commemorating a life well lived turned, instead, decidedly bitter.

Labelled an “orange aberration” and a “leech” by Michael Eric Dyson, a professor at George Town University, Trump was again blasted by Reverend Al Sharpton, a prominent civil rights activist.

He received a standing ovation for demanding the outspoken Republican show respect – a reference to her song – before adding “She used to perform for you. She worked for us. Aretha never took orders from nobody but God.”

Sharpton took to the pulpit to laud the singer for providing the soundtrack of the movement, with songs such as her signature 1967 hit “Respect”.

“She was a black woman in a white man’s world,” he said, as mourners cheered.

“She was rooted in the black church, she was bathed in the black church, and she took the black church downtown and made folks that didn’t know what the Holy Ghost was shout in the middle of a concert.”

Stevie Wonder also took a moment out of his speech to make a jibe at Trump, urging the US to “make love great again” because “all lives do matter.”
Source: Sun

Well, at least this time the dopey Sharpton didn’t spell out ‘R-E-S-P-I-C-T’.

It may as well have been the Academy Awards, where everyone echoed one another’s sentiments.

Scratch that. One guy had the courage to break from the pack … one Rev. Jasper Williams Jr..

And ‘the pack’ didn’t like it. The condensed clip, above, has a few of his more controversial moments from that address.

In the 50-minute eulogy delivered at the late singer’s star-packed funeral Friday, Williams declared that “black lives do not matter” so long as black people continue to kill themselves and criticized raising children in fatherless homes.

“Black lives must not matter until black people start respecting black lives and stop killing ourselves,” said Williams. Part of the problem, he suggested, was that the large percentage of homes without fathers in the black community has resulted in young men without adequate upbringing. Raising children without “provider” fathers and “nurturer” mothers, he said, was “abortion after birth.”
Source: DailyWire

In a room crowded with “ministers” and “rev-uh-runds” one preacher remembered his place was not just to comfort the afflicted, but to afflict the comfortable.

To be Salt and Light.

To be that voice that speaks necessary — though often unwelcome — truths.

If that funeral was already deemed an appropriate occasion to kneel at the altar of partisan Progressivism, then they have no excuse for complaining when someone speaks the kind of truth that — if followed — can take people beyond that empty virtue signaling, into truly changed lives.

In a generation that looks to blame others, how often do you see a man stand up with the life-affirming message that life doesn’t HAVE to be defined by victimhood, and there ARE things you can do to make lives better, but you’ll have to take ownership of your choices?

Sounds a little bit like our own Warriors&Wildmen have been talking about lately. (For those interested, the podcasts are linked from the top of our home page, and the videos can be reached through “Doug’s Columns” about halfway down.)

Let the family squawk all they want. They politicized that funeral the moment they filled out their guest list.

And who needs to hear a message of personal accountability more than anyone else?

The virtue signaling grievance-mongers that place was stacked to the rafters with… and more than a few of the public gathered around their televisions who have swallowed the terrible lie that their own destiny can be shipwrecked by the choices of other people.

This is America. While people certainly CAN be chained down by bad ideas and circumstance, you do NOT have to STAY that way.

It’s a message of hope.

But such hope comes with responsibility and accountability. Not everyone appreciates that message… especially someone like Farrakhan or Sharpton that prefer to find themselves a convenient racial scapegoat to blame all the world’s ills upon.

And they dare to call themselves ‘ministers of God’.

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