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According To Chelsea, Steve Bannon Is A Bigot But Louis Farrakhan Is Peachy

Chelsea Clinton is upset that Steve Bannon is being given a platform to express his views because he’s a ‘bigot.’ She was silent on Louis Farrakhan sharing his anti-Semitism for decades.

The daughter of Bill and Hillary was very upset to learn that The Economist and The New Yorker have invited Steve Bannon to separate events in New York this fall. It was announced that The New Yorker Festival would be interviewing the former chief strategist in October. The New York Times reports that his appearance was to be the headline event.

The Economist invited Bannon to speak at its Open Futures Festival on September 15.

But… Chelsea no likey.

She doesn’t think that Bannon should be given a platform because it is the normalization of  bigotry.’

Stanley Pignal of the Economist fired back:

Chelsea replied:

Wow. Look at that moral high ground.

There’s just one teensy problem.

Her dad just shared a stage with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan — the trifecta of anti-Semitism.

Jackson has called Jews ‘Hymies’ and New York ‘Hymietown’ and had a nice cozy meeting with Arafat in the West Bank in 2015. He also said that then-Presidential Candidate Barack Obama would reduce the ‘Zionist influence’ in America if elected.

Sharpton spoke about ‘Greek homos’ referring to ancient Greek philosophers, and he led a march where people shouted ‘Kill the Jews.’

Al Sharpton is the perfect example of the way that the right and the left can say exactly the same thing.

With apologies to Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, maybe y’all aren’t in the contest for the dumbest man on television after all.

I think we may have found a winner:

Al Sharpton just doesn’t deserve our R-E-S-P-I-C-T.

And of course, Louis Farrakhan is the top bigot in this grouping. His blatant bigotry has been well documented.

Even in his pinned tweet on Twitter.

Yep. That’s those are the men sitting on the platform with Chelsea’s mom and dad.

She was asked by multiple Twitter users about this, including by CNN’s Kate Bennett.

But they did make nice afterward:

Larry Elder — not so much.

He pointed out that the anti-Semitic trio weren’t the only bigots on the stage. There was the Robert Byrd apologist, William Jefferson Clinton, husband of the architect of the Obama ‘birther’ narrative, Hillary.


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