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Chevy Chase Brands SNL The ‘Worst F**king Humor In The World’

One of the original SNL cast members absolutely HATES what the show has become since then.

Saturday Night Live is one of those cultural phenomena that never ‘quite’ goes away.

For example: “More cowbell”

It has been around since the 70’s and has had many storied comics over the years, it has led to spinoff movies, and has helped talents hit the big time.

So many famous names have been there that even listing some favorites will enrage fans of those we leave out.

And while some movies were flops, not all of them were. Blues Brothers? Wayne’s World? They left their mark in culture.

But what about the show itself, the writing and the jokes? How are they doing? #AskAnExpert

According to the original cast member, they aren’t worth a damn.

Former “Saturday Night Live” star Chevy Chase slammed the late night show and its creator Lorne Michaels in an interview published Wednesday for what he called “the worst f— humor in the world.”

Speaking to The Washington Post, the 74-year-old Chase, one of SNL’s original cast members, said that while he didn’t want to offend Michaels or the show’s current cast, he’s “amazed Lorne has gone so low.”

“You know what I mean? How could you dare give that generation worse sh– than they already have in their lives? It just drives me nuts,” Chase told the newspaper.
Source: FoxNews

Chase said Ferrell’s iconic impression of former President George W. Bush was “just not funny. Makes $25 million a picture,” and that while he “liked” Tina Fey, he “didn’t see what all the folderol was about. She was good.”

He did, however, praise former castmembers Eddie Murphy, Kristen Wiig, Gilda Radner, Dana Carvey and Dan Aykroyd.
Source: FoxNews

Sorry Baldwin, your impression doesn’t even warrant a mention.

How ‘dare’ he be so critical of SNL, they might ask?

Well, for one thing, he knows a thing or two about comedy.

National Lampoon’s Vacation. Caddyshack. Fletch. He’s proven himself and left a mark on culture. (His parody was so VERY successful, that it killed the station wagon.)

Maybe he’s critical because they’ve lost their comedic edge. How many of the jokes he told back in his time on the show would even make it past the politically correct censors? Here’s one example of him riffing off of current events:

Now, the best their writers can muster is another sad retread Trump-is-Hitler joke.

How ‘daring’ of those writers.


Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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