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Michelle Does A Pout Pose In A Robe For The Camera – Do You Miss Her?

Did you ever expect to see the words: Michelle Obama, Glamour model?

Michelle Obama is back in the news, pushing that book of hers.

Is that a ‘pout’? Or is it duckface?

We had something to say about why ‘Becoming’ was a risky title for someone as polarizing as her to use for a book, and why #IAmBecoming as a hashtag was even worse. (Becoming WHAT, exactly? Tiresome? Ridiculous? Obnoxious? A parody? Don’t keep us in suspense!)

Somebody (a publicist, probably) set up these ‘glam’ photos of Michelle working with a makeup artist she’s known since her White House days.

Her fans get giddy about such things. For example:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s fans were in for a huge treat when they she offered then an insight into her private life on Wednesday afternoon. Michelle posted a candid photograph of herself in a white bathrobe pouting for the camera which soon went viral on social media.

In the photograph, Michelle was joined by her makeup artist Carl Ray and was seen putting her arm around him while she places the other hand boldly on her hip. It looks as though she had just finished a glam session given her stunning makeup and hairdo. The picture was posted by Carl in order to celebrate the pair’s 10-year-long work relationship and fans absolutely loved the candid shot.
[…] One fan wrote, “Carl, this is an incredibly sweet photo of a couple exceptional people. Former First Lady Michelle Obama’s natural outer and inner beauty is simply stunning. What a beautiful friendship indeed!” While another person added, “Michelle looks gorgeous!”
Source: Meaww

Are we even looking at the same photo?

Gorgeous? Yikes.

It’s enough of a stretch to use the word ‘feminine’ to describe Mrs. Obama.


Wes Walker

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