Clash Poll: Do You MISS The NFL At All?

Written by Wes Walker on September 17, 2018

Do you miss the days when the biggest controversies in football were about a deflated football or Janet Jackson’s equally deflated ‘wardrobe malfunction’?

Pro football was part of the rhythm of American life. We even built it into the traditions of our national holidays.

Thanksgiving, for instance, will look a lot different without any of the usual Football marathons.

More and more Americans stand a real chance of missing out on that grand tradition of one Sunday in February having musical acts we don’t listen to browbeating us with ideas we don’t agree with as we wait to see the unveiling of commercials for products we probably won’t buy.

Yes, Beyonce, that includes you and your Anti-Cop halftime act.

There was a time before both the game and the sports channels that broadcast them were explicitly political. But now that ‘all the things must be made political’, we’re reading stories like this:

Lovely day.

Ugly loss.

The good news for the Washington Redskins — nobody saw it.

Well, almost nobody. There were vast swaths of empty seats on every level of the stadium as the Redskins put their truth in ticket sales policy to its first test.

Tough test.

Tough day at the box office.
Source: Roanoake Times

In case you were wondering… capacity there is 82,000. Attendance was 57,013. That trend is reflected around the league.

But do you miss the NFL?

Is it something you long for, or do you just have a twinge of nostalgia, like one might feel for the days before kids had a digital world that was more interesting to them than riding bikes or skateboards?

Or has even the memory of it been poisoned forever by the politics?

Do you miss the tailgating parties?

Or have you managed to bring that tradition along with you into your support of another sport or league?