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For Islam, Is ‘Peace’ Only When the Rest of the World Changes to Make Them Happy?

Today we’ll look at a few things that bother me, and they should bother you as well. My view of Muslims is that they are dangerous, period. If you can remember when you were a kid, maybe you had snowball fights with the other kids in the neighborhood, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Imagine now that you are on one side and there’s ten kids on the other side pelting you with snowballs. If you are standing alone against a large group, and they have something other than your welfare on their minds, you could be in deep trouble.

Muslims (and that word means submission to Islam, if you didn’t know) have this group called CAIR or the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR is like a bulldog, and whatever it can grab onto, it will. For the most part what it grabs onto are “manufactured” insults, or “imagined” insults to Islam or to an individual Muslim. For the amount of legal work that it does you’d think they had a staff of dozens of lawyers…but they don’t. Most “cases” are settled without going to court because the case got thrown out when it was decided that it was frivolous, or it was settled for an undisclosed sum of money so the business that CAIR was suing didn’t wind up in the newspapers or on TV.

Because SO MUCH seems to “offend” Muslims, it begs the question of why they come to this country which, obviously, does not function as they think it should.

Now then, one only has to pick up a newspaper (does anyone read them anymore?) or watch almost any “news” program on TV to hear about something else that Muslims find offensive. Are you ready? Muslims at the University of Wisconsin at Madison ARE ARGUING THAT THE SERVING OF ICE CREAM IN FACILITIES LIKE DINING HALLS MAKES MUSLIMS, JEWISH, AND VEGAN STUDENTS FEEL UNWELCOME ON CAMPUS. To the completely oblivious, this might seem like a legitimate complaint. It is not.

To the best of my knowledge, there’s nothing in ice cream for Jewish students, or vegans, to object to. Muslims, on the other hand, see this as an opportunity to attempt to make the administration knuckle under, because that is what they do. Make no mistake, America, anything that a Muslim does, if they are a true believer, is calculated to follow “the plan” …a plan that calls for the destruction of the United States eventually. The legislation about the ice cream, drawn up by the student council, is about beef gelatin which is in some ice creams. However, the Muslims don’t say anything about a gelatin-free ice cream which is available to them. So, like so many other things, ice cream is offensive to them.

Let’s see what else might be offensive to them. Would you think that killing a member of your family might be offensive? It certainly would be to me, or to most civilized members of society…but not to Muslims. Just recently, in August, a Muslim man who emigrated from Jordan to the United States was found guilty of participating in an “honor killing” plot — including a plan to kill his own daughter for converting to Christianity — and was sentenced to death by a jury in Houston. Although the “honor killings” WERE to include five victims, the Muslim father, Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, was also found guilty of murdering his daughter Nesreen’s new husband, Coty Beavers, 28, and her best friend, Gelareh Bagherzadeh, 30, reported the Houston Chronicle. Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan apparently was enraged over his daughter’s conversion from Islam to Christianity, her marriage to a Christian, and for her leaving home. He apparently wanted to “wash his honor in blood,” the jury was told.

At the sentencing, Coty Beavers’ mother read a victim impact statement, reported the Chronicle, in which she said, “On November 12, 2012, Ali Irsan and his family destroyed life as we knew it forever. That was the day they ambushed and murdered Coty, to restore honor to someone who never had any.”

Once again, remember we are talking about “the religion of peace” …and there’s two things wrong with that, in my not-so-humble opinion. First, Islam is a cult, by definition, and second, it has nothing to do with peace. Islam’s theory of peace is when the whole world is Islamic and Muslims rule everybody!

Here’s something that should not come as a shock to anyone. With the increase in Muslim “immigrants” and “refugees” into Europe (soon to be Eurabia) the crime rate goes up! Apparently, Western civilization has to be acclimated to the Muslim way of doing things…like groping, raping, abusing, sex-grooming, acid attacks and other things which Muslim men do, because they are “allowed” to do that, if they are questioned about it.

Sweden has one of Europe’s highest rates of sexual assaults. What makes Sweden so exceptionally dangerous for women? Its militant feminism is embedded in its political culture and its educational system. Sweden has boasted of a “feminist foreign policy”, 61% of Swedes in one survey identified as feminists and hold the strongest views on “gender equality” of any Europeans. Swedes are the most likely to believe that it’s okay for men to cry. Only 11% believe that women should take care of the home and only 10% believe that it’s a man’s job to support his family.

photo credit: Excerpted from: kbj102 Protest against burka/niqab ban i Copenhagen via photopin (license)

Larry Usoff

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