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Watch: Beto Gets Booed During Debate – Cruz Takes Him To TruthCity

Gee, is it a bad sign when the crowd in the debate starts BOOING you?

It’s almost like ‘Beto’ doesn’t know the first thing about Texans.

In his debate with Ted Cruz, O’Rourke made a serious error (if you missed the debate, and want to see the video, you can scroll all the way to the bottom of the story):

He uttered the phrase “thoughts and prayers Senator Cruz are just not going to cut it anymore”.

Sure he was talking ABOUT the school shooting issue and was TRYING to make the case that specific action need to be taken. But how you say that matters.

And blowing off prayer as unimportant — in TEXAS? That was an ‘unforced error’.

The crowd immediately reacted with a chorus of boos. And Cruz jumped in with the right answer:

“Thoughts and prayers, Sen. Cruz, are just not gonna cut it anymore,” O’Rourke said. “The people of Texas — the children of Texas — deserve action.”

With the moderators seeking to move on, Cruz interjected to assert that “more armed police officers in our school is not thoughts and prayers.”

“I’m sorry that you don’t like thoughts and prayers,” Cruz said. “I will pray for anyone in harm’s way, but I will also do something about it.” — Source: Texas Tribune

Sorry Beto, you don’t get a Mulligan on that one.

You’ll have to own it.

Here’s that debate video:

Wes Walker

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