Hey Kaepernick: Did You See Which ‘Death-To-America’ Tyrant Is Your Newest Superfan?

Written by Wes Walker on September 4, 2018

Will Nike be adding THIS World Leader’s endorsement to their latest ad campaign?

Normally, when an athlete scores an endorsement deal it has something to do with his skill in his chosen sport.

But Nike’s latest endorsement hasn’t lived up to the athletic hype, and nobody is willing to sign him.

He’s blaming the baggage that comes with his politicizing the game — like his anti-police ‘pig socks’ — for being the real reason he isn’t playing.

Because it would hurt his ego to admit the truth. He just can’t cut it in the big leagues.

Think about it. Even Michael Vick managed a comeback. The difference was, he had the athleticism to back it up.

If anyone thought — for one minute — that Kaepernick could lead his team to a championship, he’d have been long since signed.

That’s ok… playing or not, Kaepernick still has his faithful fans. Not surprisingly, their attitude to the flag is pretty closely aligned to his own.

The first one is admittedly small potatoes by comparison. John O. Brennan, the CIA guy who violated the Constitution when he was busted by the Senate for breaking into confidential computer files relating to Senate Business.

Yet, not long ago, CNN was squealing like a stuck pig over John having his security credentials revoked.

But the big fish in his fan base — one Nike might want to go to for endorsements in his part of the world — is Iran’s Own Tyrant-in-chief:

Yes. There’s a blue check-mark and everything.

He really is THAT Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Trying to join Colin in taking a swipe at the US flag.

What’s that expression about being ‘known by the company you keep’?

The athlete who decided that the time and place for a protest wasn’t on his day off, but while he was in uniform, and the anthem was playing won over the heart of Mr. ‘Death To America’ himself.

If Colin ever wants to see some REAL police brutality, he can just call up his Superfan and see some himself.


What’s next, Nike? An ambassador like this one?

Nah, that guy already died ‘doing what he loved’.

Kaepernick’s new ad campaign with Nike is talking about his sacrifice…

What sacrifice?

He made the decision to kneel and protest the anthem.

He made the decision not to sign with the Broncos when he had the chance.

And now, teams won’t touch him for fear of alienating the very patriotic fan base.

But in the booming Trump economy, even Kaepernick can’t stay jobless.

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