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How Long After Dr. Ford’s Testimony Did Dems Send Cash Pleas? 30 hours? 3 hours? Or 30 Minutes?

Money makes the world go round, right? The political world, anyway.

Why are the Democrats clamoring over each other to shout “I believe Ford” the loudest?

There are a few possible answers. The most charitable one is that they generally care for a woman who says she went through a terrible ordeal.

More cynical answers are that she is being used as a weapon in their efforts to thwart a Right-of-Center Supreme Court nominee, one who is unlikely to carry water for Progressive causes du jour and to advance their cause in the midterms.

There’s another explanation. An explanation with some mounting evidence.

The woman who claims she was once used by some drunken teens making obscene advances is being used again.

But this time, it’s for money.

She’s their latest cash cow, and you can bet they’re gonna milk it!

(And they are painting Judge Kavanaugh as ‘evil’? Are there NO mirrors in the Democrat Senate?)

Democrat senators have turned Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings, evaluating claims that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh assaulted a then-15-year-old classmate 35 years ago, into a campaign moneymaker, releasing fundraising pleas less than 30 minutes into the start of Thursday’s event.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who is expected to take a starring role in the hearings, began a social media ad blitz Wednesday night, blanketing Facebook with more than 3,600 ads excoriating Senate Republicans over their treatment of Kavanaugh’s accuser. Each ad begs targeted progressives to donate $15 to Harris’s campaign coffers so that she can continue her crusade for women.

Harris followed up on her Facebook ads with an email sent during the first part of the hearings, asking supporters to put their name to a petition protecting “civil rights.”

“Sign my petition during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings” the email read. “I am prepared to do everything in my power to stop this nomination.”

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI), who became a media darling after suggesting Kavanaugh should be afforded no presumption of innocence on the sexual assault charges, largely because of his commitment to conservative jurisprudence, was the first to take advantage of Thursday’s hearings, releasing an email to supporters less than 30 minutes after opening statements commenced.
Source: DailyWire

Even Booker — who wrote an article about grabbing a woman’s breast far more recently than the events in question during this hearing — and has denounced Kavanaugh as ‘evil’ has been cashing in on this hearing. (This one is dated the same week as his ‘Spartacus’ spectacle.)

Is she just a means to an end? A cash cow for them to milk and send packing if she doesn’t achieve the desired end?

Are popup ‘GoFundMe’ pages jaundicing the objectivity of the process by introducing potential conflicts of interest by the possibility of material gain among potential witnesses? After all, Anita Hill had a movie written about her. And that was before there were such things as ‘GoFundMe pages’.

How’s Dr. Ford’s page doing so far? Shortly before midnight on the night she gave her testimony, it was sitting at:

That’s quite a tidy sum in nine days.

But it’s probably nothing like the haul the Democrats pulled in after tugging on the heartstrings of the lemmings on their mailing list.

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