If Trump Leaves Twitter For A Different Platform, Twitter Is Toast

Written by Wes Walker on September 3, 2018

If you look at what’s driving the news cycle these last few years, such a bold, almost unthinkable prediction might be deadly accurate.

After all, just ask AOL, MySpace, Blackberry and Napster about how quickly the trend can turn against you in the digital world.

Industry leaders today can be forgotten relics of tomorrow.

So, will Twitter find itself as the ‘Palm Pilot’ of tomorrow?

It’s easy to ‘pooh-pooh’ the idea while they’re riding high and flush with cash. But the public has noticed that the Tech Giants are censoring ideas they don’t agree with. And people, especially here in America, tend to chafe against being told what they can or cannot do or say… by ANYONE.

And you know what happens when you piss off your customers? They start to leave.

After all, they’re only staying voluntarily. If the environment becomes sufficiently hostile, there’s no reason to keep coming.

And then it becomes a question of momentum.

If Trump switches from Twitter to some other Free-speech embracing platform, (say, ‘Gab’ or one of several others), the news will STILL cover what the President has to say — if only because he’s Trump, and he says controversial things.

Supporters will follow to the new site because they’ll enjoy the freedom of expression a new platform might promise.

And then there are the hecklers. Of course, THEY will want in on the action. Because piggybacking off of larger accounts is the only way some people ever get noticed.

All it takes is a little momentum, and suddenly the NEW platform supplants the OLD one.

Habits change. Preferences shift. And just like that, yesterday’s platform becomes ‘that place where Nana shares her cat pictures’.

Then, as more and more people migrate to the new platform, the old one becomes less and less useful for social purposes, and, ultimately, for Business purposes.

That’s the beginning of the death spiral.

Advertising dries up.

And when you discover you don’t find your friends on that platform anymore, you’ll eventually follow them to where they are… the new one.

And what happens to that grand plan of a ‘Civil War’ squeezing Conservative voices out of the Internet?

This plan:
MEDIA MATTERS WAR PLAN 2017David Brock’s 49 page war manual for defeating the American right.

Suddenly, just like that, it could go from being their master plan to conquer American ideology to being the poison pill that killed their own digital brand.

Until the only thing they’d have left is questions about why they so foolishly put their political agenda ahead of their business model.