Memo To NFL, Why Not Do What Kim Did?

Written by Bill Martinez on September 20, 2018

By: Bill Martinez
ClashDaily Guest Contributor

Is this what we have to look forward to, another football season of disrespect for our country and our flag?  Just because you say, you’re not disrespectful, your fans are saying you are.  So who’s right?  I may be too old school, but I was always taught the customer is always right.

You guys know how to read a scoreboard, so why are you ignoring the obvious?  Your game plan is not working.  You’re losing your fans and hurting your brand.

The obvious aside, what about that cause of social justice?  I think in the midst of your confusing messages, it seems, this is what your protest may be about.  Well, look what one woman, Kim Kardashian did for social justice and prison reform.  She didn’t disrespect the flag or our president.

Instead, she went to the White House, met with President Trump, presented the case for Alice Marie Johnson and got her freed.  Kim didn’t compromise her brand, in fact, she enhanced it and gave Alice Marie Johnson another chance.

Has any player with the NFL even considered what The Trump Administration has been doing about social justice and prison reform?  Are you aware that the President has been meeting with advisors and outside counselors to directly address these issues and stands ready to sign a prison reform bill?

So, was anyone from the NFL at these meetings?  Why not?  You say you’re about social justice.  Why not do what Kim did?  What have you got to lose?

Ask to meet with the President at the White House and tell him you want to join his efforts for social justice and prison reform.  I believe you’ll be surprised to see all the NFL and its fans standing for America again. I believe you’ll reverse the damage done to your NFL brand.  I believe you will start to see results…social injustices resolved and rectified.  After all, it’s what you say you want and I know it’s what most Americans want.

I also believe that President Trump would be honored to take a knee with you at the White House in solidarity for the cause of liberty for all.

Your fans want you back and they want to come back. This could be the NFL’s best season ever, which could be “win-win” for all.  So now, who’s going to stand up and do the right thing?

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