Pope Francis Gives A Friendly Welcome To Bono AFTER His Campaign For Abortion In Ireland

Written by Wes Walker on September 20, 2018

His reward for helping ‘flip’ a Catholic nation into secular law was a private audience with His Holiness.

Say what?

Let me get this straight…

The Pope, who leads the one Christian denomination most famous for upholding their very well-defined view of the family, including human life beginning at conception just watched one of the most pro-Catholic countries in Europe (Ireland) embrace the view that life within the womb is disposable if mama doesn’t want it there anymore.

They did so with a lot of celebrity help whipping up support, including voters flying to Ireland from abroad en masse so they could participate in the vote.

One of the foremost of those voices was U2’s ‘Bono’.

And the Pope — who has been stiff-arming his own Catholic followers, and calling many of them literally ‘The Devil’ — had time for a private audience with Bono.

Ok, what did they talk about? Did he appeal to Bono about big questions about Heaven, Hell and the state of his eternal soul?

Nope. They talked politics and Bono’s charity involvement.

If anything, despite his abortion stance, the Rock Star still managed to take the moral high ground in his conversation with the Pope.

At least one of those two men was willing to voice concerns about men of stature within church leadership getting away with heinous criminal acts, among other sexual offenses. Unfortunately, it was not the man with the honorific ‘his holiness’.

The Pope did not address Bono’s support for abortion in the once-Catholic country during their half-hour session together, according to the rock singer. Instead, the Pope “let the conversation go where it wanted to go” and was “incredibly gracious with his time, his concentration.”

Bono did, however, discuss the sex abuse crisis with the Holy Father, and even told him that the Church’s actions look like “the abusers are being more protected than the victims.”

“I felt he was sincere, and I think he’s an extraordinary man for extraordinary times,” Bono said, adding that he could “see the pain” in the Pope’s face.

Speaking with reporters, Bono said he and the Pope agreed on multiple issues and had a good rapport.

“We haven’t figured out what we are going to do together,” Bono said, “but we sort of have a crush on each other.”

‘Sort of have a crush on each other?’

Ok. They ‘have a crush on each other’, even though BONO’s NOT a Catholic and it’s ok for BONO to mention the sex scandal.

But let a faithful Catholic raise that same issue, and he calls them out by the very same name Scripture describes the devil.

‘Accuser of the Brethren’?

Keep turning pages, Pontifex, and you might rediscover the verses where the faithful are also instructed — by no less-credentialed voices than the Apostles Peter and Paul — to be on guard against false prophets and teachers.

And that issue is DEFINITELY in play when leaders start devouring their sheep. (Or molesting them.)

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