Priorities: While Church Reels From Sex Abuse Cover-up Scandal, Pope Tackles Environmental ‘Emergency’

Written by Wes Walker on September 3, 2018

What makes this even worse, is that a famous Parody site made almost this exact joke, two weeks ago. And now it’s a headline.

For anyone who isn’t sure, when your PR decisions track right along with parody news sites, that’s usually a BAD thing.

But that’s exactly what happened with the Vatican.

Back in August 16th, the Babylon Bee lampooned the Pope’s astonishing lack of interest in this important issue, and his great interest in the Left-Wing social agenda by publishing this headline.

Pope Says He Will Address Sex Abuse Scandal Once He’s Finished Talking About Climate Change

The head of the Roman Catholic Church claimed he is deeply concerned with the tragic report, but is “just too swamped” with work fighting climate change, criticizing capitalism, and advocating for other issues of social justice to talk about the repulsive report at the moment.

This only serves to prove just how hard it is to be a satirist these days.

Here is what the Pope ACTUALLY said, as reported on September 1… roughly two weeks later.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis wants concrete action to combat the “emergency” of plastics littering seas and oceans.

Francis made the appeal in a message Saturday to galvanize Christians and others to work to save what he hails as the “marvelous,” God-given gift of the “great waters and all they contain.”

He said efforts to fight plastics litter must be waged “as if everything depended on us.”

The pope also denounced as “unacceptable” the privatization of water resources at the expense of the “human right to have access to this good.”
Source: NYPost

Church leadership abusing their positions of trust to take advantage of others under their direction, whether children or adults?

Not interesting to THIS pope. He’s got BIGGER fish to fry.

It makes him appear unconcerned about Priestly Authority being abused for personal sexual gratification. He’s looking positively Clintonian. That’s not a particularly wise course of action on the part of the Pope.

Not just because the faithful could rise up in protest — which might range anywhere from withholding money until this is properly addressed, to people leaving the church en masse, to who knows what? … perhaps even a General Strike in Vatican City.

There’s another reason he should rethink this. I can only assume the Pope is familiar with the text of Ezekiel 34:

7 “Therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: 8 As I live, declares the Lord God, surely because my sheep have become a prey, and my sheep have become food for all the wild beasts, since there was no shepherd, and because my shepherds have not searched for my sheep, but the shepherds have fed themselves, and have not fed my sheep, 9 therefore, you shepherds, hear the word of the Lord: 10 Thus says the Lord God, Behold, I am against the shepherds, and I will require my sheep at their hand and put a stop to their feeding the sheep. No longer shall the shepherds feed themselves. I will rescue my sheep from their mouths, that they may not be food for them.

How big is the crisis this Pope is so desperate to ignore?

It’s HUGE.

Rolling back the clock to before Christianity became a dominant cultural force, in ancient Rome and Greece, cultural norms toward grown men approaching boys between the ages of 12 and 18 (sexually) were nothing like they are today.

It wasn’t just acceptable practice, it was commonplace. Until Christianity changed that practice and made laws to protect young boys from predation by men.

Which makes this scandal so much worse. The failure to address it is one more step toward an acceptance of recapitulation to the morals of the Pagan era. As Benjaman Wiker wrote:

The sole reason that there are still secular laws on the books that prohibit and punish pedophilia is that Christianity came to dominate culture in the West through evangelization. The only reason that we have accepted homosexuality in culture and in law is the increasing de-Christianization of the culture in the West. As we become even more secularized (i.e., repaganized), pedophilia will soon be accepted, just as homosexuality, abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia have already been embraced.

This is a massive, massive crisis in and for the Church because a deeply-embedded worldwide homosexual network among our priests, bishops, and cardinals is actively engaged in bringing about the full de-Christianization of the world by preying on boys between 12-18, literally recreating Greco-Roman sexual culture in our seminaries and dioceses. If you want to know what it was like in the sordid sexual days of ancient Greece and Rome, just read the Pennsylvania Report.

That’s a rather horrible irony, isn’t it? The very men most authoritatively charged with the evangelization of all the nations are full-steam ahead bringing about the devangelization of the nations. In doing so, these priests, bishops, and cardinals at the very heart of the Catholic Church are acting as willing agents of repaganization, undoing 2,000 years of Church History.
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