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Rosie Gay Shames Graham For Sticking Up For Kavanaugh, ‘F*CK U Closeted Idiot!’

Rosie just went full Rosie. You NEVER want to go ‘full Rosie’. She needs to put down the phone and seek help.

No, really. That’s not even a ‘dig’ at her.

This respose just isn’t rational.

With the passions of the Kavanaugh hearings near their peak, Rosie showed us exactly what kind of irrational whackjobs the other side attracts.

If their ‘leaders’ play Spartacus on TV, what can we really expect of their followers?

Not only are there large Soros-funded groups of protesters deliberately putting ‘maximum pressure’ on disrupting and derailing the process — including the protesters that flooded the halls of the Senate, and harassed the Senators during the hearings itself, but countless talking heads in the Media(D) and Twitter have been pressing for Americans to kick Due Process to the curb and have emotions drive every decision.

Some of these are the same Antifa-connected shmucks who gathered protesters to drive Ted Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant to pressure them NOT to support Kavanaugh.

So what are the rules of their partisan game? It suddenly ‘OK’ to throw around homosexual slurs?

Or do leftists just get a pass because nobody expects good behavior out of them?

Maybe a better question is this:
Why does Hollywood think about the fact that Rosie thinks accusing someone of being homosexual is an insult? Where’s Dan Savage and his ‘It Get’s Better’ schtick on this one?

This particular dustup goes back to the Avenatti circus, where Senator Lindsey Graham responded to the Creepy Porn Lawyer’s ‘gang rape’ claims that even the Democratic Senators didn’t take seriously enough to question Kavanaugh about during the hearings.

Rosie — of course — read that tweet in the most jaded possible way. It ‘proves’ (in her diseased imagination) that he ‘doesn’t listen’ to victims. He’s the patriarchy, you see. He’s a ‘gay’ idiot, you see.

Did you catch that, everyone? It sounds like she just claimed Gay Men are the Patriarchy.

Maybe she thinks that’s why they don’t date women.

Here it is, in her own words:

Suddenly, it’s ok for Lesbians to utter gay slurs now? That’s kinda weird. It doesn’t sound very ‘inclusive’. Especially if we’re all supposed to believe gender is a social construct.

She’s not the only one throwing out that particular jab, either.

With John McCain’s body barely cold in the ground, Bill Maher went one further on his show, as part of believing Ford unequivocally, and presuming the worst about the man she accused.

Really? Defaming a dead man? That’s so classy.

Roseanne was ‘erased’ not only from her show but from syndication and TV history entirely for statements far less malicious than either of these.

But Rosie will keep her blue check mark because the Left can do no wrong. And Maher didn’t actually ‘insult’ someone. He told a joke. Like Rosanne. Whose career was destroyed.

The term “Double Standards” doesn’t even BEGIN to describe it.

Why does the left so passionately hate a guy who the Right usually writes off as a milquetoast and nondescript ideological ‘squish’?

What suddenly poked the left’ little hornet’s nest of indignation to put HIS name in their mouth?

It probably had something to do with this:

WATCH: Lindsey Graham BLASTS The Democrats Witch Hunt Of Kavanaugh and It’s Awesome!

The Costco-Sized can of whoop-ass he opened up during the hearings.

The saying is, if you’re taking fire, you know you’re over the target.

In that case, Senator, welcome to the ‘war’.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck