The Fight for Faith and the Christian Worldview with Dinesh D’Souza!

Written by Doug Giles on September 14, 2018

You weren’t expecting El Diablo to surrender without a fight, were you, Dinky?

Dinesh D’Souza knows a thing or two about being on the front lines of our culture war, and he’s a guest on this week’s Warriors and Wildmen.

Dinesh D’Souza spits fire with Doug and Rich and absolutely kills it on this episode of the Warriors and Wildmen Podcast. Every Christian needs to hear this! Minds will be BLOWN! You’ll need to listen to this twice and then send it to your friends.

D’Souza has firsthand experience of The American Dream.

Here from India, he saw the American Dream live up to its promises that hard work and intelligent risk-taking open a path to extraordinary success — success that would not be possible in many other parts of the world.

Dinesh understands what’s at stake, and he’s stepped up to defend the values that underpin the Great American Experiment.

And clearly, those values include the Christian worldview.

We all need to be in this fight.

The other side is desperate to replicate the European post-Christian slide into the swamp of nihilism and worse. The bones of their culture will be picked clean by parasites and opportunists waiting in the wings, all the various ‘isms’, none of which anchor their values in freedom and equality.

You’re going to need some thick skin for this fight, and some tools to dismantle the lies they’re spewing.

Dinesh has a good supply of both of those. As you can see from his latest tweet, he’s not afraid of picking a fight in the culture war:

And neither should you be.

Catch his latest movie (here’s the trailer) or the book

It’s time for everyone who loves this country to cowboy up. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

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