VIDEO: Watch What This Chick Does To Clerk Because She Doesn’t Have Enough Money For Drinks

Written by Wes Walker on September 18, 2018

There sure do seem to be a lot of angry women going viral with food and drink lately, does this have something to do with that ‘nasty women’ trend we were warned about?

Leftist women were yelling at their marches that they were, in fact, ‘nasty women’.

Maybe you meant petty and mean. Like this chick who got pissed when she didn’t have enough cash for the drinks she was trying to buy.

She took it out on the unsuspecting clerks making minimum wage to put up with boneheads like her, as though it was somehow THEIR fault.


Not sure what high expectations one should have for the manners of a woman who was chatting on the phone while ringing an order through but dumping a drink on a stranger seems extreme, even if she is habitually rude.

The customer becomes visibly angry while standing at the counter as she argues over the price of the drinks with one of the men.

As woman continues to yell, the employee seemingly keeps calm.

Before long, the customer removes a couple food items on top of her coffee before she opens the lid.

She then dumps the entire cold drink onto the counter and the two employees.

She is shown shouting something at the two workers before making her way out of the 7-Eleven. Source: DailyMail

She drove off in a Yukon with NJ plates, and the drink damaged about $200 bucks worth of smokes.

What was the big deal?

There had been a promotion for the iced coffee, $0.99 for a cup. That sale had ended, and it went up to its usual price of $1.69.

This, evidently is what a seventy-cent tantrum looks like. She probably burns more than that in gas going from her house to the store in her Yukon.

Not only did she humiliate the clerks, she did real monetary damage.

Two hundred dollars’ worth of damaged smokes over a tantrum. Suppose it was your call, would YOU let that go, or would you get the police involved?’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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