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Follow The Money: Here’s What Kavanaugh’s Accuser And George Soros Have In Common

The courts and the legal system are of particular interest to the militant left. Right up to the Supreme Court.

We’ve reported before about Soros dumping money through his proxies into shaping the justice system through backing public officials friendly to their objectives:

The effort is part of a years-long campaign by liberal groups to reshape the nation’s criminal justice system. New York billionaire George Soros headlines a consortium of private funders, the American Civil Liberties Union and other social justice groups and Democratic activists targeting four of the 56 district attorney positions up for election on June 5. Five other California candidates are receiving lesser support. — Read the full article here.

These objectives are hardly friendly to American ideals. After all, as of this year, it’s been acknowledged that he’s working with Iran, too. (Just like Kerry.)

Should it surprise us to learn that he’s trying something similar with poisoning this nomination process?

It might explain the origin of the money being handed out to the ‘protesters’ arrested during that gong show of a hearing Kavanaugh went through.

Look at what’s going on with Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation proceedings for the Supreme Court, and the fingerprints of George Soros are all over it.

First there was a report from June in the Daily Caller that found “a new political advocacy group that vowed to put $5 million behind an effort to stop … Kavanaugh’s confirmation has significant ties to the liberal financier” Soros.

What are those ties?

The group, Demand Justice, established in 2018, gets its money from the Sixteen Thirty Fund — and the Sixteen Thirty Fund received roughly $2.2 million from the Open Society Policy Center, one of Soros’ outlets, between the years of 2012 and 2016.

And Demand Justice’s entire mission is to advance a progressive agenda through the courts.

“[Our goal is to] sensitize rank-and-file progressives to think of the courts as a venue for their activism and a way to advance the progressive agenda,” DJ’s executive director, Brian Fallon, said to The New York Times.
Source: Washington Times

Is it plausible that these guys are behind it?

Looking some other extremes the ‘resist’ crowd have willing to go to in order to deep-six the MAGA agenda, it would hardly be surprising.

But is it a stretch to tie it to Kavanaugh’s accuser?

We know Feinstein has been playing games, by waiting until AFTER the hearings to introduce information she would present as ‘disqualifying’. But what about this ‘Soros’ connection?

There is one interesting connection, reported in the same article:

Debra Katz, the attorney representing Kavanaugh’s accuser — Christine Blasey Ford — is vice chair of the Project on Government Oversight, an organization that has been directly funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Katz is also a hefty Democratic donor, giving thousands of dollars over the years to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other leftist candidates, as Front Page Mag reported.
Source: Washington Times

What do you think?

Is this just a coincidence, or are shadowy figures at play behind the scenes?

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck