WATCH: 5 Low-lifes Loot Dollar Store In Flood Ravaged Wilmington – So Disgusting

Written by Wes Walker on September 17, 2018

They were bold enough to casually loot a store in broad daylight, at least until the cameras showed up.

It’s a stark contrast to the selfless heroes in the ‘Cajun Navy’ who have been busy rescuing residents trapped by the rising floodwaters.

We’ve got footage of scumbag opportunists using the hurricane as an excuse to exploit others for personal gain.

It prompts the question: how little must someone think of his own moral worth to loot a fricken dollar store?

WECT reporter Chelsea Donovan, who went to the scene with another journalist to film the looting, said: ‘When we came over the hill on Greenfield Street, you could just see people everywhere.’

In her news coverage Donovan gestures into the store’s front entrance as she says: ‘You can see here inside just a complete mess, people taking duffel bags and trash bags, now noticing we’re here [and] running away from the camera.’

A police vehicle with its siren blaring then pulls up as Donovan runs to the back entrance where other looters were attempting to make their escape.

‘Hey guys, you know you’re looting, right? You know you’re stealing?’ she says confronting the people coming out of the back.

One man with a plastic storage bin full of items appears to shrug at Donovan’s confrontation.
Source: DailyMail

Here’s a different video, taken from a phone and uploaded by a bystander:

If they thought they were ‘getting away with it’, just because a crowd of other looters was streaming out of the store with their ‘free stuff’ it didn’t take long to find out just how wrong they were.

Well, it could be worse. If they had tried something like that in, say, Texas after Harvey, looters wouldn’t be worried about getting arrested, they would be in danger of being shot.