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What Paul McCartney Just Said Abut Trump Might Make You Break Your Beatle Albums

Has Trump Derangement Syndrome afflicted Sir Paul? Here’s the 411.

Paul McCartney is releasing his 17th solo album, and he was inspired by President Donald J. Trump. Well, perhaps ‘inspired’ is the wrong word.

In one of the songs on his new album titled Egypt Station, he takes swipes at the U.S. President.

McCartney says that he had the POTUS in mind when he made the reference to ‘mad captains’ in the song, Despite Repeated Warnings. The song is about how the ‘mad captains’

President Trump has expressed skepticism regarding anthropogenic climate change, which he has called a ‘hoax’ in the past.

In the song, Paul sings lyrics including: ‘Despite repeated warnings of dangers up ahead, the captain won’t be listening to what’s been said,’ and ‘those who shout the loudest, may not always be the smartest.’

But of course, Sir Paul McCartney is a climate expert.

What gives him those credentials, exactly?

Being an incredibly famous musician?

Having been knighted?

His vegetarianism, animal rights activismhistory of pot-smoking, or philandering?

Notice that there’s no actual expertise on climate science there.

It’s either his leftist street cred or his anti-Trumpism — but I repeat myself — that makes him an ‘expert.’

McCartney says that he was inspired to write the song because of people that are leading others into an ‘inevitably disastrous situation.’

He said: ‘[It] basically says, ‘occasionally, we’ve got a mad captain sailing this boat we’re all on and he is just going to take us to the iceberg [despite] being warned it’s not a cool idea’.”

When asked whether the ‘mad captain’ was a reference to Trump, he said: ‘Well I mean, obviously it’s Trump.

It’s not just President Trump that he has in mind, though.

‘But I don’t get too involved because there’s plenty of them about. He’s not the only one.’

Source: Daily Mail

Is that enough to make you skip out on the former Beatle’s new album?

He’s got some new songs that are sure to be instant classics like this one about something he knows a little about:

About that being a new classic…

Don’t you just love how the Real Estate developer, reality television star turned President lives rent-free in the minds of leftists?

I sure do.

It’s absolutely delicious!

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