Watch: Kavanaugh’s Opening Remarks Are PURE Fire – ‘I Will Not Be Intimidated!’

Written by K. Walker on September 27, 2018

Judge Brett Kavanaugh gave an incredible opening statement that MUST be seen by every single Patriot.

Judge Kavanaugh said what many conservatives have been saying:

  • There is no evidence
  • He feels for Dr. Blasey Ford and wishes her and her family no ill-will
  • He explains that he and his family have suffered and had physical threats against them
  • He categorically denies the allegations against him
  • His reputation has been permanently destroyed
  • He may no longer be able to teach or coach girls’ basketball
  • He was called ‘evil’ by a Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee
  • He says that it was a calculated political hit because they were angry with the results of the 2016 Presidential election
  • The Democrats have done everything to have him withdraw from the process.
  • This is a circus that will deter good people from allowing their names to stand
  • He will not be intimidated to pull his name from the process

Watch Judge Kavanaugh say that he will not be forced to quit:

Twitter has been on fire and it’s revealing.

The difference between the right and the left cannot be more stark:

And the left’s reaction:

And here’s CNN:

One of the worst takes was by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) — but then isn’t it always?

The left’s take is grotesquely partisan. They can’t understand that a man that has been accused of attempted rape, gang rape, and a host of other ridiculous claims — with zero evidence — could possibly be angry about that.


Watch Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s opening remarks in full:


As if to prove his point, the Democrats are already trying to completely destroy his career as a DC Circuit Court judge.

Well, Dems.

It looks like Judge Kavanaugh was EXACTLY right.

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