WATCH: The RNC’s ‘Crazytown’ Video Shows How Violently Nutty The Left Has Become

Written by Wes Walker on September 6, 2018

There’s really no argument the Left can offer to refute this. These ARE the leaders in their party, aren’t they?

If the Leaders themselves are nuttier than a squirrel turd, what does that say about the ordinary schmuck that’s dumb enough to accept their leadership?

Sometimes, a critic doesn’t need to say anything at all. He can let his opponent do all the talking.

As you watch this video, ask yourself…

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Are these the kind of people who inspire confidence? Would the House and Senate truly prosper under their wise leadership?

Or do they need to be writing letters home in crayon in a quiet room without any dangerous pointy corners?

Maybe they just need some rest. About four years would be a good start. (Or Six for someone like Booker, who just released Classified materials in the Kavanaugh hearing, out of spite.)

And these are the LEADERS.

No wonder their black-clad footsoldiers think throwing bricks and bottles of urine at strangers (or police officers!) is an acceptable form of ‘Resistance’.

Is it Crazytown over there on the left?

Or maybe they’re just not that bright.

Oh well, let the haters hate. It’s what they do when they can’t get their way.

Because they lost the White House, the Senate and the Congress.

(And they’re Twice as angry now that they can’t rely on activist courts, either.)

Let the boil in their impotent rage. We’ll savor our victory.

Move over Mr. & Mrs. Smith…

Our new First Couple is here to Make America Great Again.

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