Watch: Wild Lion Fight Caught On Video – Please Share With PETA

Written by Wes Walker on September 6, 2018

This is NOT the kind of fight you would usually expect to see an alpha male losing.

Usually, if there’s a fight to be had among the lions, it’s a couple of alpha males throwing claws for top spot in the pride.

Not this time.

Visitors at the West Midlands Safari Park saw a whole other dynamic in play.

Have you evern seen a ‘henpecked’ lion? Neither had this writer… until today.

In this pride, the ladies were kicking their ‘dear leader’ to the curb.

The alpha just wasn’t cutting it anymore.


It’s possible the female lions were trying to kill the male because he was too old to run the pride.

In the wild lionesses will often kill their leader if they think he’s past his prime and can no longer rule them properly.

However, Mya Beverstock, who caught the attack on film, said the females may have pounced on him after a dispute over food.

She said: ‘It pretty much happened out of the blue. It was feeding time and then suddenly we heard growling a raoring.

‘Two other males stepped back and didn’t get involved while the females attacked the leader. He may have ate before his turn.
Source: DailyMail

At you can tell he knew he was beaten, too.


Park workers had to jump and rescue him from his tormentors.

‘Safari workers dealt with it very quickly. Three jeeps ended up in the enclosure honking there horns and driving towards the lions to break them up.

‘One of the jeeps spraying them with a fire extinguisher which ended up mostly breaking up the fight.

‘We did go around the park again afterwards and all the female lions had been removed from the enclosure and it was only the three males in there.’
Source: DailyMail

PETA, managed to force Animal Crackers to change their circus packaging to more ‘natural’ surroundings.

But there’s nothing they can do about reality.

Real life isn’t anything like a Disney script. Nature is ‘Red In Tooth And Claw’.

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