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A Compassionate Solution for The Caravan: Self Respect, Citizenship and the Future

Instead of being detained and just waiting at the border, let’s have those seeking asylum help ‘build the wall’. This will help provide for their families as they are vetted for US Citizenship.

Their labor will not only defer the cost of family housing, food, child care, vetting, medical care and education of their children, but it will pay for the judges needed to
expedite court processing for US citizenship.

Under the supervision of the military, a group of experienced civilian contractors and architectural specialists will manage each aspect of the building of the wall, including material manufacturing, onsite installation and periodic inspection of each aspect of the immigrants’ labor on the wall project. Jobs will include manufacturing, assembling or building the structure.

Border mining, factories and processing plants will be
established specifically for creating wall building materials from the area.

In exchange for their labor, improved temporary family housing, food, clothing, medical care, etc. can be paid for using the aid money that was once sent to their native countries from which they are seeking asylum. This includes Mexico – so they can pay for the wall. Additional trade tariffs placed upon countries creating these caravans will also help pay the costs
for this project.

This project will provide marketable skills, work experience and job references for these refugees for future employment. For those who do not have adequate documentation or require special review, their labor on the wall will help defer the cost of extreme vetting.

For criminal elements or those with mental health issues, their supervised labor will be used to build and establish border mental health facilities for refugees. These will assess, treat and compassionately deal with issues required to become US citizens. In exchange for a time of probationary labor
they will be placed on supervised work programs to improve bridges, roads and infrastructure until the time that they can be vetted, find legal employment and secure probationary sponsors within the US.

Rad Magnum

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