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Hyperbole Aside, It Really MIGHT BE the Most Important Election of Our Lifetime.

President Donald Trump, in a rally in Tennessee earlier this month, noted the importance of the midterm election on November 6th. He called it ““one of the most important of our lifetime.” That’s a bold statement and leaders have, on many occasions, sought to fire up their bases by highlighting the importance of the next election. Occasionally, they are prone to exaggerate. This time, however, as I see it, President Trump is correct.

The presidential election of 2016 shocked the establishment and gave regular people opportunity and hope. President Trump and his administration have delivered in the first two years of his presidency. The Democrats, the establishment and their media allies hate what President Trump is doing. They’ve hounded him and his administration with an investigation that has, thus far, produced nothing regarding Russian collusion. They attack him daily, even attempting to blame him for the horrific actions of a murderer. They want nothing more than to wreck his administration and, if possible, get rid of Trump, himself.

They see the midterms as an opportunity to get control of some parts of the government for the sole purpose of disrupting, delaying and destroying the Trump agenda and presidency. What’s at stake in this election? It’s not hard to see.

Economic growth: The economy is strong but could collapse under the Democrats. The economic success of the Trump administration has been phenomenal. The Washington Examiner noted on October 28, 2018, “the economy’s unexpectedly strong 3.5 percent annualized growth is a strong follow-up to the 4.1 percent growth in the second quarter of the year. Together, that makes for the best two-quarter stretch since 2014. Inflation is down to a 1.6 percent annual rate. Consumer spending is up by 4 percent. Unemployment is down — especially black and Hispanic unemployment — and nearly 4 million new jobs have been created since January 2017. Real wages have risen in each of the last five months in a row.”

That’s incredible economic success. It’s such a strong performance that former President Obama is on the campaign trail falsely trying to claim he started this economic turnaround. More jobs for regular people, more money, and increased buying power for average Americans could be lost if the Democrats succeed in gaining just the House.

Immigration: Common sense immigration policy will be lost if the Democrats gain the House and/or the Senate next week. It is obvious that a country must have borders. President Trump asserted this summer, “Congress must pass smart, fast and reasonable Immigration Laws now.” Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. Currently a caravan from Honduras is heading toward the southern border of our country. The caravan swelled in numbers to around 7,000, but now many of the migrants have split off from the main group, and some have turned back, leaving around 4,000 still moving towards the United States. If there has ever been a time for the wall, this is it.

However, Democrats, who believe in open borders, want to roll out the welcome wagon. Senator Kamala Harris, in Iowa, suggested, “we are a country that our strength has always been that we are a tolerant country, that we are welcoming in particular of those who have fled harm.” If the Democrats win next week, the wall will likely never get built. There will not be any reasonable discussion of immigration that doesn’t include amnesty, and anyone who thinks that borders matter will be called racist and xenophobic. For the sake of common sense thinking regarding our country and her borders, Republicans must hold the House and Senate.

Decency: This is one of the most important ideas that will be left in tatters if the behavior of the Democrats and their media allies is rewarded next week. The Democrats and their media enablers wrongly accuse the president of creating a hostile environment. Jennifer Rubin, of the Washington Post, writes, “It’s not both sides that have taken to encouraging violence; it’s the Republican Party.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Rubin confuses fighting back in the arena of ideas with violence.

Contrary to what she and her left-wing allies want to believe, we are not racist, vile or murderous people. The hostile political atmosphere that surrounds us started on the left. Just days after the election, the left’s rage was clear. USA Today on November 11, 2016 ran the headline, “Anti-Trump protests, some violent, erupt for 3rd night nationwide.” The hostility escalated with “in your face” confrontations employed by the left to intimidate Republican lawmakers or members of the Trump administration. Rude confrontations in restaurants, movie theaters and other public places became common.

The furnace of political animosity was stoked even further by the mobs that descended on Washington, D.C. during the confirmation hearing of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The “Resistance” gave birth to the toxic political climate today. President Trump, at his rallies and on social media, confronts the resistance. Unlike others, he doesn’t just take it. In the arena of ideas and words, he fights back. If the Democrats ugly behavior is rewarded next week, we can be sure that the resistance will be emboldened.

These are just three of the many things that are at risk in the election next week. Do we want to hear more talk of impeaching our duly elected president? We will if the Democrats get their way. Do we want to see investigations of how the justice department was corrupted by the Obama administration? Do we want to know what happened with the FBI and Department of Justice? It will be buried forever if the Democrats win. Religious freedom, national security and a host of other things we take for granted could be changed. In every race, governor, House or Senate, the Republicans must win. It matters.

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Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas lives in Washington, Missouri and is a professor at St. Louis Christian College. He's also on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He's authored two novellas, From the Ashes and The Sixty-First Minute published by White Feather Press of MI and three Bible studies, Surrounded by Grace, The Critical Questions and More and The Road to Victory published by CSS Publishing of OH.