Alyssa Milano: A Cautionary Tale On Contemporary Mass Hysteria

Written by K. Walker on October 6, 2018

The former child star has been caught up in the never-Kavanaugh hysteria and it should be a warning for all women… and maybe some men, too.

[Author’s note: For this article, and subsequent ones referring to Christine Blasey Ford, I will refer to her with the title ‘Professor’ and not ‘Doctor’ as NPR does, which is in accordance with the AP Stylebook Guidelines used by news organizations.]

As you can see, #MeToo activist and über-leftist, Alyssa Milano started out completely impartial with regard to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

[Author’s Note: I still can’t figure out if she’s going for a sexy Strawberry Shortcake or a ‘smoldering’ Sun-Maid Raisin girl.]

Once the allegation of possible sexual assault leveled against Brett Kavanaugh was revealed, Milano’s opinion of him actually went downhill. She had to dig a pit to make her opinion drop any lower, but she managed. And now, she appears to be in a full-fledged hysterical fit.

Milano believes Blasey Ford because she sympathizes with her. She believes simply because the professor came forward and told her story. That’s it. Kavanaugh can’t be trusted to tell the truth, he’s just another predatory man. Evidence be damned.

Milano was invited to the hearing by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) as a guest. The reason is clear — Sen. DiFi wanted to have a visible #MeToo activist at the hearing, and since she’s been in office roughly since the Van Buren Administration, she needed a way to be hip and relevant to the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes that are yanking the reigns of power from the octogenarians in the Democratic party. So, she grabbed onto the rather convenient #MeToo coattails and had Milano be her unofficial spokeswoman.

Senator Feinstein used Alyssa Milano just as she used Professor Blasey Ford.

Of course, Milano was probably thrilled to be on television again and with better ratings that she’s ever had in her life.

Eager to squeeze in a little more of the spotlight, the former Who’s The Boss? actress spoke to that serious and intelligent magazine which does nothing but elevate the virtue of women, Cosmopolitan, for an article on what it was like ‘Being In The Room With Kavanaugh’s Rage.’

The room was small, really tiny—and it was filled [with] anger.

‘Some people left, saying they didn’t want to hear what he had to say, while his supporters arrived. I’m glad that I stayed.’

She used her phone (forbidden in the Senate hearing room) to live-Tweet her thoughts. (Such as they were.)

The GOP bent over backward for Professor Blasey Ford. They treated her respectfully. They were courteous and allowed her to have her say. As of this writing, her lawyers have yet to give the Senate Judiciary Committee the evidence that they requested weeks ago.

In one of her illicit tweets, Milano asks ‘Does character matter anymore?‘ as Sen. Mazie ‘Men, shut up and step up’ Hirono (D-HI) queries Professor Blasey Ford about her motivations for coming forward.

Even though it was so difficult to enjoy the destruction of a man’s reputation due to his political stance as an Originalist Republican judge be present at the hearing because she was ‘outfit shamed’ and was warned about illegally recording on her phone during the proceedings — nevertheless, she persisted.

The #MeToo activist brought her ‘I Believe Survivors. No On Kavanaugh’ sign into the hearing room. It was taken from her. But she did get some negative comments on her low-cut shirt.


Milano was outraged — outraged, I tell you! — that Kavanaugh experienced emotion during the hearing.

I couldn’t see his face. All I could see was him pouring water and his back moving up and down as he breathed really deeply, almost like an animal.

Of course, he did. He was attempting to tamp down his frustration, hurt, and, yes, rage. He had to sit as a son, husband, and father of daughters, presumed guilty of one of the worst things that a man can be accused of being, in front of the very people that used his life and reputation for their own political gain.

The fact that Judge Kavanaugh was actually angry after being accused of being some sort of super-secret serial rapist by Democratic Senators at his confirmation hearing proves to leftists like Milano that he is not fit for office.

But I could hear him—his anger and his rage. And I could feel it.

Kavanaugh was so volatile and emotional. I was just sitting there thinking to myself, If a woman had acted like this during a line of questioning, she would be considered totally unhinged or hormonal or accused of having a meltdown, or worse, of being a bitch. So watching him, I just felt like, this guy does not have the temperament to be on the Supreme Court, regardless of the allegations.

There’s a shocker.

Ok. Let’s try an experiment.

How about I make absolutely ridiculous accusations about Alyssa Milano’s character and see if she can handle it without ‘breathing like an animal’ and showing rage.

Ridiculous Accusation #1:

The reason that she’s an activist now is due to the fact that Milano can’t get a job in Hollywood because producers have stopped using elderly (ie. over 40) actresses as ‘glory holes.’

Ridiculous Accusation #2:

In order to try to maintain her Hollywood connections, Alyssa Milano trafficks her own children as sex slaves to Roman Polanski at least twice a year.

Ridiculous Accusation #3:

The reason that Milano is adamant about the ‘Right to Abort’ is because she enjoys a midday meal of poached fetus with an avocado aioli prepared at by her personal chef. She obtains the fresh fetuses from the local Planned Parenthood via her nanny who has required their services several times thanks to Milano’s husband.

Now, it’s Alyssa Milano’s job to prove that I’m wrong.

That’s going to be really difficult because I’m a woman. And she tells us that we need to ‘Believe all women’ so I’m obviously telling the truth.

But there are other things to consider when discussing ‘truth’… intersectionality.

Her net worth is approximately $10 million and mine… is not. She has power.

Milano has millions of Twitter followers, and well, I do not. She has a platform.

Most damning of all — Alyssa Milano is white, and, again, I am not.

So, will she use her power and privilege as a rich and famous white woman to discredit li’l old middle-class, non-white, un-famous me?

After all, Due Process isn’t necessary anymore, right?

She then gushes about how completely believable Professor Blasey Ford is despite…

No. Corroborating. Evidence.

Sometimes sexual assault is a He Said/She Said situation, but Professor Blasey Ford’s accusations don’t even meet that standard according to the report by Rachel Mitchell.

On occasion, (though it’s not as rare as we’ve been told,) women lie about being raped. Women like Crystal Magnum, ‘Jackie’ of the UVA rape case covered by Rolling Stone, Columbia’s ‘Mattress Girl’ Emma Sulkowicz, Wanetta Gibson,Tawana BrawleyGregory Counts and VanDyke Perry’s accuser, are just a few examples.

Perhaps Professor Blasey Ford truly believes what she is saying is what happened, which is possible. The mind is a complicated thing, and memories even more so. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to back up her claim.

Professor Blasey Ford has altered the story several times in the telling and retelling.

There have been many, many people coming forward with sworn statements under penalty of perjury that refute the claims entirely. This raises legitimate questions about the credibility of Professor Blasey Ford.

Milano then goes all partisan hack and tries to pit women against Republicans, after all, that’s the natural order of things, right? She says that the GOP used a female prosecutor in order to be disengaged from the process, and they didn’t need to ‘look her [Professor Blasey Ford] in the eye, be alert, or find empathy.‘ But she was moved, and in the end, that’s what matters. As long as Professor Blasey Ford gave a sufficiently moving and emotional account, nothing else mattered. Not even the lack of any facts.

It was all so emotional. I was sitting next to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and at one point she passed me a tissue. I rubbed her back. It was a moment of solidarity for the women who were present. It was heavy.

Really? Was it a moment of solidarity for Martha Kavanaugh as her son was accused of attempted rape? Was it a moment of solidarity for Brett’s wife, Ashley Estes Kavanaugh? How about his daughters who will no longer have their dad as their basketball coach?

No, it was a ‘moment of solidarity’ for leftists who hypocritically don’t condemn Bill Clinton’s documented predatory behavior because he’s pro-abortion. Leftists just like Alyssa Milano as revealed in her now-deleted tweet:

So, Milano’s ‘Believe all women’ doesn’t extend to Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, or Kathleen Willey, apparently.

Nor does it extend to the many, many women that support Brett Kavanaugh.

Milano then makes a direct appeal to make the hysterical hatred of Republicans count at the ballot box.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to raise our voices, tell our stories, to come together as women, to volunteer for candidates who believe women and will support them. November is coming—and we will vote.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Her suggestion that women should stick together in this because of some sort of sisterhood is just insane. I am an individual, and I think things through on my own, thanks.

Besides, Milano remains clueless about her own hypocrisy.

She railed against Matt Damon when he said that butt-grabbing and rape (though both are inappropriate) weren’t to be viewed the same way.

But now, since his wild anti-Kavanaugh SNL bit, she’s changed her Twitter wallpaper to this:

Bravo, hypocrite!

And now, she’s harassing lawmakers by having people give their #MeToo stories and forwarding the videos to those that are undecided or voting to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. As though these horrific stories of sexual assault have a scintilla of relevance to the accusations leveled against Judge Kavanaugh. Milano is using these women for her own purposes just as they were used by their alleged abusers.

She has set up a website with the videos that includes tips on successful ‘bird-dogging’ of politicians.

She’s spamming Senators with stories by self-proclaimed sexual assault survivors.

Never fear, Milano is willing to lead with her own #MeToo story:

What a decline.

And if all of that wasn’t bad enough — she jumped the shark on MSNBC.

She says that ‘sexual abuse has been institutionalized’ in this country and that she doesn’t care that men are concerned about being FALSELY ACCUSED OF RAPE. They should just deal with it. She says that if men have a hard time right now, that’s just the way it is.

Milano says that women are considered less than men because we don’t automatically believe one woman making an accusation with no evidence.

Would she do that if the accusation was made against her husband, I wonder?

Do you know who does have evidence? Judge Kavanaugh. He has his much-mocked calendar and the witnesses that Blasey Ford named don’t know about the party. It has now been revealed that a friend of Blasey Ford’s that works for the FBI may have been attempting to pressure Leland Keyser to change her story to support the Professor’s claims. It all points to him telling the truth.

But, in the mass hysteria of the moment, she thinks it’s President Trump using some magical ‘cult-like force’ to ignore stories of hurt an pain. She cannot acknowledge the hurt and pain that is being inflicted on the Kavanaughs — even the women in Judge Kavanaugh’s life.

She’s right about one thing, though: ‘History will reflect on this time and find it devastating.’

People will wonder why the hell the left wanted to ditch due process which protects both the accuser and the accused.

They will look on it and marvel how the left managed to put McCarthyism, the Salem Witch Trials, The Spanish Inquisition, The French Revolution, and a torch and pitchfork mob and run it through a blender with unsubstantiated allegations of rape in order to undermine the fundamental principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ — and that it was successful with a huge crowd of women and some partisan Democrats.

It really is an example of mass hysteria pushed by a whole lot of women.




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