CNN’s Jim Acosta Tells Rival To F*CK OFF – But It’s Ok, He’s A Liberal And They’re Allowed

Written by K. Walker on October 19, 2018

Li’l Jimmy Acosta REALLY stepped in it and now he’s making excuses. Lame excuses.

You’d think that a guy that works at CNN, an organization that is fixated on shaping the news, could come up with a good lie.

But no. Sad.

Acosta had privately sent a nasty message to a former Trump administration official and the screenshot of it went viral.

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It all began with Jimmy whining about the loud music at the Trump rally in Montana.

Acosta wrote, ‘Tonight the Trump campaign/WH turned up the music so loud the press risers were vibrating. Nearly impossible to do live TV. I suppose the WH loves those kinds of shenanigans. But I wonder if it’s a security concern for USSS or local law enforcement. They can’t hear either.

To which, Justin Caporale, the former official for First Lady Melania Trump, mocked him with just two words, ‘Dear Diary….‘ which is often used to mock Acosta’s Twitter whining.

To which, Acosta sent a private message to Caporale which was also two words, ‘F*ck you.’

Acosta had apparently had it with Caporale’s mockery and he blocked him on Twitter.

Caporale even tagged CNN’s PR department, but there doesn’t seem to have been any response. That’s par for the course for CNN, apparently. They don’t appear to make any statement on the bad behavior of their staff. Of course, this is completely understandable because it would be a 24/7 job to issue apologies on the utterly fact-free and bigoted commentary of Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo alone. Where would they find time to deal with the comments of their White House Divas Correspondents Jim ‘Instagram’ Acosta, April ‘Tin-foil Hat’ Ryan, and Kaitlan ‘Homophobe’ Collins.

Yes. Yes, it is.

Caporale also said that Acosta owed him an apology.

Perhaps realizing how his TDS™ (Trump Derangement Syndrome) looks to the outside world, Acosta did tweet an apology.

A White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told The Daily Wire that it was obvious that Acosta was “apologizing because he knows this shines a spotlight on how the media really operates.”

The official noted that if Acosta really thought that Caporale was an “old friend” that it did not make sense for him to block Caporale after sending him the message so he couldn’t respond back.

“Jim knows he took it too far,” the official said, adding that Acosta has made his “contempt for all things Trump very clear.”

Source: Daily Wire

Here comes the lame apology:

So… a guy online mocks you, you send him a private message that says, ‘F*ck you’ and then you block him because he’s ‘an old friend’?

I don’t believe that for one second.

Nah, bro — you done got called out. Just admit it.

Jimbo, I’m sorry, but it just looks like you don’t have the right ‘temperament’ to be a journalist.

Remember kiddies, this is the very same Jim Acosta that just last week was clutching his pearls over Kanye’s language in the Oval Office.

This is what happens when reporters become the story instead of reporting the news.

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