Cops Raid Funeral Home – What They Find Is HORROR Movie Material

Written by Wes Walker on October 22, 2018

This makes TWO Funeral homes in that city under criminal investigation.

Bad news for anyone who recently lost a loved one in Detroit. Depending on which funeral home was used, the final disposition of the loved one’s mortal remains may be in doubt.

One funeral home — Cantrell — held this gruesome discovery:

The bodies of 11 infants and stillborns were found in the ceiling of a former funeral home on Detroit’s east side on Oct. 12 — and that was NOT the final tally.

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A new owner, who purchased the building about a month ago, said the interior smelled horrible. The owner had removed four dumpsters of garbage as he started renovating the space to turn it into a community center.

In addition, someone tipped off state officials that remains were hidden in the building.
Source: DetroitFreePress

When he made the gruesome discovery, he immediately called the police.

The final tally was HUNDREDS of containers of cremated remains, some of them veterans — dating as far back as ’96 — as well as eleven infants and fetuses found in cardboard boxes, decaying in the attic.

If that were the only such case in Detroit, that would be horrific enough. But it wasn’t.

Besides Cantrell, there was Perry.

And no, there is no known connection between the two.

Investigators raided Perry Funeral Home in Detroit late Friday afternoon and have removed nearly 63 infant remains, according to Detroit Police.

Officers found 36 fetuses in cardboard boxes and 27 more in freezers. The conditions of the fetuses are unknown.
Three unrefrigerated boxes containing the remains of a total of approximately 36 deceased bodies of fetuses or infants plus a deep freezer containing an unknown number of additional deceased bodies. Some of the deceased had dates of death in 2015.
Source: WXYZ Detroit

Besides the obvious problems in the correct interment of human remains, there are any number of paperwork failures, including failure to issue death certificates and getting correct permission for the removal or burial of human remains.

It was an all-around horror show. It makes you wonder how many others are like it.

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