Dear Christian: When’s The Last Time Your Pastor Spoke On The Fear Of God?

Written by Doug Giles on October 25, 2018

The same ‘sweet Jesus’ we hear preached on Sundays was the same one of whom they said, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

If that fact doesn’t give you pause, maybe you need to read it again.

Look around at the modern Western Church. Do you think that we’ve REALLY been taught the whole counsel of God?

Or are we missing something?

Do we approach Him with the level of respect and awe that made Christians of old stand boldly before jailers and tyrants who could ‘merely’ kill the soul and declare that they would serve no Lord but Jesus?

There’s probably more than one answer to what it is we’re missing, but Doug and Rich take on one of the big ones in this week’s video.

The Fear Of God.

Get your steak knives out for this meaty show. Because they’re sure not slinging pablum for the kiddies.

The scripture is replete with references regarding the fear of God but you wouldn’t know that if you attended an easy-breezy hipster church. Rich and Doug dissect why this grand topic is being avoided and why it should be embraced.

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