Dear CNN: Do You Now Condemn McCain And Hillary’s Drinking Contest?

Written by K. Walker on October 4, 2018

Now that the issue of excessive drinking has been made an issue that may prevent someone from attaining a high profile job, how about we look at these two former Presidential candidates?

The left and the Media (D) are suggesting that Judge Brett Kavanaugh may not be qualified for the vacant Supreme Court seat despite his stellar judiciary record, his hundreds of opinions, several of which were adopted by the Supreme Court, because he drank a lot in the 1980s when he was in college.

Apparently, chugging a six-pack in an hour right before class, smoking weed, and ‘maybe a little blow‘ was no big deal for someone who would eventually become President.

Neither does a vodka drinking contest between two sitting Senators on foreign soil, according to CNN.

John McCain once took on Hillary Clinton in a drinking contest. It was at a restaurant in Estonia in 2004, during a congressional tour. Both politicians managed four shots of vodka; the rules were unclear, but Hillary — McCain’s one-time political rival — was declared the winner, according to the restaurant proprietor (though in her own account, Clinton said they “agreed to withdraw in honorable fashion,” rather than name a winner).

That image sums up the humanity and character of the late Senator McCain, who will be mourned deeply on both sides of the political aisle. He embodied a more moderate brand of conservatism — one that could separate politics and friendship — that now feels distant and very much missed.

Source: CNN, August 26, 2018

Hillary reminisces on the drinking game:

CNN is totally fine reporting on this stuff with no judgment, other than how noble it makes John McCain look.

The condemnation is reserved for Republicans that are actually conservative.

And their favorite punching bag is President Trump.

Their hard-hitting journalism condemning how much Coke the President drinks, or that he gets an extra scoop of ice cream.

Now CNN is gleefully reporting the ‘problematic’ drinking of a teenage Brett Kavanaugh.

It’s absolutely insane.

He’s been in the Washington D.C. fishbowl for a decade.

And by the way, Justice Elena Kagan hired Kavanaugh to teach at Harvard Law school when she was the dean there several years ago.

Do you think she would have done that if Kavanaugh was a sloppy drunk now?

I don’t think so.

The real question is: Does the behavior of Kavanaugh in his college and late high school years reflect who Kavanaugh is now?

The answer to that is clearly no.

Who would want that to be the standard?

Only the pearl-clutching leftistsas long as it’s politically expedient.

Then it’s back to loving their abortion-supporting leftist heroes, no matter how bad they are.


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