Title IX: Harvard Students Stoop To Disgusting New Low In Opposing Kavanaugh’s Nomination

Written by Wes Walker on October 4, 2018

If you were wondering how Harvard could churn out a ‘Constitutional Expert’ like OBAMA, here’s a clue: look what their students are up to now.

If any school in America should have the Bill of Rights as part of the ‘air they breathe’ you would expect it to be the esteemed Harvard. Or should I say “Haaaah-vaaaahd”?

It is, after all, ranked as the ‘best law school in the world’, right?

If they’re so uppity and above the hoi polloi, then how in the hell do we explain this latest student protest against Kavanaugh?

You don’t even have to be American to understand that every man [woman, too, for people who don’t understand formal English] is to be treated innocent unless and until he is convicted of a charge.

Even Kavanaugh’s accuser didn’t describe the judge with the sort of damning and slanderous invective political partisans have been routinely using to describe him.

At the very worst, she could only assume that was his intent if in fact such an encounter actually happened anywhere other than her imagination.

And yet somehow, on campus at the formerly-prestigious Ivy League school, students are struggling with the basics of ‘presumption of innocence’.

And they, the mob, without even knowing who INVITED him to teach there in the first place, want his head on a plate.

They know just the way to get it: They’ve framed it in the Title IX and #MeToo context.

The Harvard Crimson reports that student Jacqueline L. Kellogg, a senior, came up with the idea a few days ago and recruited others to join her in filing complaints against Kavanaugh. Kellogg even sent a letter detailing specifically how to file a formal complaint with Harvard’s Office for Dispute Resolution.

“By the time The Crimson reported late Monday that Kavanaugh had left his teaching position at the Law School, at least 48 students had signed an online petition certifying they had filed a Title IX complaint against the nominee,” the Crimson reported. “But at least one signatory said that not all of those who signed the petition had actually filed complaints as of Monday evening.”

Kellogg and fellow student Julia B. Wiener, also a senior, filed complaints claiming Kavanaugh’s presence on campus would create a “hostile environment” for women because of the uncorroborated and thin sexual assault allegations against him.
Source: DailyWire

That kind of aggressive SJW thuggery was applied to schools before. Remember?


Neither fared well after bending the knee to the student mob.

After sending a clear message that the ‘inmates were running the asylum’ so to speak, their reputation took a hit. Then their enrollment cratered.

This is clearly an abuse of the Title XI process.

It’s exactly the sort of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ scenario that critics of changes to Title IX during Obama’s administration raised in the first place.

To their credit, at least two of Harvard’s professors have called this idea stupid.

One Harvard Law professor, Jeannie Suk Gersen, who has written extensively on Title IX issues, said the student’s attempts to protest Kavanaugh through this avenue was “misplaced.”

“Such an abuse of process would undermine the legitimacy and credibility of complaints that the Title IX process is intended to deal with, as well as of the Title IX office to focus on its duties,” Suk Gersen wrote to the Crimson. “It might be effective in drawing further attention to some students’ objection to Kavanaugh’s teaching appointment, but I don’t expect him to be found to have violated Harvard University’s Sexual & Gender-Based Harassment Policy based on the currently known public allegations against him.”

The other prof who spoke out against it was Janet Halley.

The reaction of their administration remains to be seen.

Does anyone remember who recommended Kavanaugh as a professor to Harvard in the first place?

Here’s the Boston Globe to remind us:

When Elena Kagan was dean of Harvard Law School, she was in search of rising conservative legal stars. The traditionally liberal campus, the thinking went, could use a little ideological diversity with more robust debate and the challenge of different viewpoints.

Among Kagan’s hires, as a visiting professor, was a newly appointed federal appeals court judge from Washington named Brett Kavanaugh.

Yes, the former DEAN of Harvard had hand-picked him. The Harvard Dean who would later become Obama-appointee, JUSTICE Elena Kagan, of the Supreme Court. SHE had confidence in him. But uppity students there seem to think they know better than she did.

With Harvard being who they are, we’re not expecting their enrollment would drop. But what happens if they lose the prestige of that #1 Law school ranking?

Would that be an even higher price to pay than Mizzou’s critical loss of enrollment?

Judge Kavanaugh saw the writing on the wall — or maybe he saw how busy he would be on the Supreme Court — and didn’t renew for any courses next semester. So this is a decision that Kavanaugh made preemptively.

Supposing the mob really thinks they can whip up allegations against people they dislike for purely political reasons, they will need to be disabused of that idea.

If Harvard can’t even get their own ‘elite’ students to understand the reason we are a Republic and not a Democracy — and mob action like this is precisely that reason, look up ‘Trial of Socrates’ if you need a refresher — then do they really DESERVE their elitist reputation?