Dear Deplorables: Here’s 10 Things That Are TOAST If Dems Win Midterms

Written by K. Walker on October 3, 2018

Here are 10 fantastic reasons for EVERY freedom-loving patriot to get out and vote in November.

We’ve moved up to the high-stakes tables, boys and girls. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Are these midterms ‘just another election’ or is should we be motivated?

Here’s a top-ten list that breaks down just what’s on the line in November.

What do we have to lose?

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA wrote an article explaining that if the Democrats manage to tip the balance of power in Congress, you can kiss a lot of great things goodbye.

You can read his full article at Fox News.

1. Your money.

Nancy Pelosi called the tax cuts ‘crumbs’ and said that it was ‘Armageddon.’ Like the Grinch, she’s gonna want them back. (Even the crumb that’s too small for a mouse.) Consider that tax cut gone. The Democrats have stated that their Top Priority is to repeal the tax cuts if they gain control of Congress.

2. Economic growth. 

What was Trump’s ‘secret sauce’ for revving up the economy? Getting government the hell out of the way. President Trump unleashed the economy by removing Obama’s stifling regulations. But regulations are how swamp rats exert political power over the public. You can expect MORE red tape, not less. And that dampens growth. Democrats say that they’ll bring each one of those regulations them back.

3. New jobs.

Trump has been pouring his lifetime of successful business experience into creating a jobs-friendly atmosphere. He has shown his policy IS the ‘magic wand’ Obama once mocked that couldn’t bring back jobs. With a hostile House and Senate, we lose a big part of that advantage.

The entire reason that Wisconsin, Michigan, and some of those rust-belt states flipped red was because the Democrats had forgotten the blue-collar manufacturing workers in those states. President Trump is committed to stopping the flow of jobs overseas to China, Mexico, and other countries.

4. Quality health-care. 

Obamacare was an absolute sh-tshow with its rising costs, harsh penalties, and the bald-faced lie ‘If you like your doctor and your plan, you can keep your doctor and your plan.’ Democrats have decided that the Obamacare is the ONLY way to go.

The (Un)Affordable Care Act was a transitional step toward Single-payer. The hard left is already on board with single-payer, and fought tooth and nail against any rollbacks on the failure that was Obamacare — facts be damned.

Ask yourself wither the VA and the DMV are the models you would like the general hospital systems to reflect?

5. Funds to defend America.

One word — sequestration. Obama’s priorities hamstrung defense spending, procurement, training, and maintenance. It was directly responsible for the problems that led to not one, but TWO naval collisions at sea, resulting in damage, injuries, and deaths. Under Trump, there has been a bump in spending. This will not be a priority for the Dems.

Besides, the Dems want to redistribute wealth, the high cost of defense spending is sickening to them. Why waste it on the military when we can create new social programs? Besides, those military peeps can take care of themselves, right? Isn’t that what they signed up for? Who needs modern equipment that keeps them — and Americans — safe when we can shunt it to Planned Parenthood for women’s ‘healthcare’?

6. Progress on peace.

Barry served every single day of his two terms in office at war, and he still did nothing about North Korea. President Trump has kicked ISIS into smithereens, is standing up to Russia in Syria, has said, ‘ENOUGH!’ to Iran’s support of terror and their Middle East meddling, he’s also making significant progress in making peace with North Korea.

Mines are now being cleared between North and South Korea. A year ago, we were told Trump would lead us into a war with North Korea.

We are also strengthing our defense relationships like NATO at a time when a strong deterrent is necessary with Russia.

Iran, now that they have been put on notice, has seen their currency take a beating.

With not a shot fired.

The Democrats’ disingenuous saber-rattling towards Russia because of the ‘election interference’ after Barry’s ‘Russian Reset’ could change that.

7. Secure borders.

The Democrats have been hijacked by the ‘Abolish ICE’ and ‘No Borders’ crowd. They don’t believe that this country has the right to know who is entering and what their intent is. This is apparently compassion.

What it really is, is lunacy.

It’s gone so far, that some Democrats are suggesting that ICE agents should be prosecuted for enforcing immigration law.

8. Gun rights.

The gun-grabbers on the left do not respect the Second Amendment. They want to restrict the guns you own in order to stop criminals from using guns.

They still don’t get that the vast majority of criminal gun use is committed with illegal guns.

The hysteria is ramping up so quickly that it’s not just ‘reform’ anymore, but a call for the repealing of the Second Amendment in some circles.

As the fringe becomes the normal on the left, we’re not far from the moment where this will be a standard Democratic Party policy point.

9. Our voices on social media.

The Democrats have repeatedly sided with ‘Big Tech’ Facebook, Twitter, and Google against the First Amendment rights of conservatives. They want to stifle discourse, and see any form of disagreement ‘hate speech’ and/or ‘fake news.’

They are quite comfortable with rules and regulations that would stifle right-wing speech. We’ve seen over and over that vile, and even violent rhetoric from the Left is accepted on social media platforms, but even the most innocuous statements (or memes) on the right are squashed.

10. Stable government.

The Democrats will immediately move to impeach President Trump. They have been talking about impeachment since he was President-elect Trump. They are bitter and angry that Hillary lost and just can’t get over it. They despise this President and have no regard for the millions of Americans that voted for him. After all, they’re just racist, sexist, deplorable neo-Nazis that don’t deserve to be heard.

With President Trump successfully impeached, the Democrats could put forward one nutty leftist or another, like Senators Elizabeth ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren, Bernie ‘Democratic Socialist’ Sanders, or Kamala ‘Identity Politics’ Harris, to run in 2020.

Do you really want to risk that?

Let’s hope that fired you up to vote Republican in November!

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