Dear FL: Governor Wannabe & Soros’ Spirit Son Doesn’t Think COPS Should Carry

Written by Wes Walker on October 29, 2018

Has this guy learned nothing from the SNAFUs by the Deputies at Broward?

It’s no secret that the Left doesn’t like the police.

At all.

Between accusations of ‘systemic racism’ and calls to abolish ICE, it’s pretty obvious what they think about our First Responders.

That Antifa scumbag from Portland that yelled obscenities at a 9/11 widow fits right in with them. And the Left is doubling down on their stance.

Gillam, in his bid for top job in the State of Florida, was interviewed on a Leftist political podcast (‘Pod Save America’), where he showed some of his true colors. Listen:

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum tried to dispel the rumors Wednesday that he is anti-police, contending that rather he is for “police accountability.”

“We’ve got to navigate in my state the fact that they think I’m Mr. Break-The-Law and all this other stuff that they say,” Gillum said on the “Pod Save America” podcast. “God knows I don’t want to give life to it, but all the stuff that they say, I’ve got to let them know — anti-police? No, I’m for police accountability.”
“Law enforcement society cannot work, and quite frankly, law enforcement can’t do it’s job, if it does not have a trusting relationship with the community,” Gillum continued. “At the time that a law enforcement official has to go to a weapon, to a gun, to a baton, to a taser, they have already had to go too far.”

Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis, Gillum’s challenger, brought up the pledge during the Oct. 21 gubernatorial debate. Gillum denied having any knowledge of the pledge, saying he has “no idea what pledge [DeSantis] is talking about.”
Source: DailyCaller

What was the pledge? It was a ‘Freedom Pledge‘ calling, among other things, to abolish Private Prisons.

He’s looking to be Gov in Florida, right? It’s the same state where an armed Sheriff’s Deputy cowered in fear while seventeen victims were slaughtered inside.

And not long after that podcast, we had the incident in Squirrel Hill, where SWAT was called, and even then, three cops STILL died in the process of ending the violence.

And he is opposed to the idea of police using force?

What are they supposed to do, shout ‘stop, or I shall say stop again’?

Has he not noticed how many cops have been killed in the line of duty lately?

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