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Facebook’s ‘War Room’ Fights ‘Election Interference’ To Make CERTAIN Liberals Get Elected

Facebook is doing more to push a political agenda that Russian operatives ever did.

They’re not even pretending to hide it anymore.

Their allies on the left are out of power and Silicon Valley is doing what they can to give it back to them.

It’s for purely ‘altruistic reasons’ of course. There are no private agendas, no quid pro quo or anything or the type.

And it’s certainly NOT because they think their political opinions have greater value than the regular American voter… right?

Eh… not so fast.

For one thing, the plan unleashed by Media Matters — an activist group funded by some of the usual big-spending Soros Political proxies — is unfolding more or less they way they had hoped.

David Brock’s 49 page war manual for defeating the American right.

When Zuckerberg was called up to appear in hearings, he tried to at least make a show of being politically neutral.

But with Midterms closing in… well, judge for yourself:

These preparations helped a lot during the first round of Brazil’s presidential elections. For example, our technology detected a false post claiming that Brazil’s Election Day had been moved from October 7 to October 8 due to national protests. While untrue, that message began to go viral. We quickly detected the problem, determined that the post violated our policies, and removed it in under an hour. And within two hours, we’d removed other versions of the same fake news post.

In another example, after the first round of election results were called, our systems detected a spike in hate speech. After investigating, we found hateful content that appeared designed to whip up violence against people from Northeast Brazil. Our community operations team was able to remove these posts within two hours of our technology sending alerts to the team in the war room.

The work we are doing in the war room builds on almost two years of hard work and significant investments, in both people and technology, to improve security on Facebook, including during elections. Our machine learning and artificial intelligence technology is now able to block or disable fake accounts more effectively – the root cause of so many issues. We’ve increased transparency and accountability in our advertising. And we continue to make progress in fighting false news and misinformation. That said, security remains an arms race and staying ahead of these adversaries will take continued improvement over time. We’re committed to the challenge.

Blocking and disabling ‘fake’ accounts — we’ve seen what kind of accounts they call ‘fake’, haven’t we?

It’s amazing how many right-of-center sites just happen to be on that list. Not just politics, either. Lifesite — a pro-life group — was blackballed, too.

I remember when a partner site, Outdoor Beasts, with video of a hyena getting chomped by a hippo at a waterhole was once flagged as ‘fake news’.

So upright and honest these tech censors are, eh?

Maybe there’s a reason people are dropping them as a has-been social media platform. They don’t need some scolding schoolmarm telling them what we can and can’t say among our own damn social networks.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be giving Herr Zuckerberg the old two-finger salute…

… and bringing your patronage to someplace that respects your privacy and your speech.

That’s why we’re shutting down Facebook on November 1 and have already made the jump over to MeWe. Feel free to join us there, where we at ClashDaily and our Clashers can speak freely without having some whiny hall monitor go running off to mama because the mean words hurt him, or someone dared to have the ‘wrong’ opinion.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck