Fate Of The Nation: Red And Blue Political Divide Really Is A Question Of Good And Evil

Written by Allan Erickson on October 9, 2018

The bizarre behaviors of Leftist protesters are ghastly. It goes from bad to horrendous, promising tragic outcomes.

Women shriek and screech to disrupt hearings. It would be comic but for the idiotic things they say, opinions based in nothing but sheer partisan hysteria, slogans divorced from reality. Millions of people believe this trash, and they are willing to act on it.

Like their suspect “representatives” on the left side of the judiciary committee, protesters insist we believe Brett Kavanaugh is “evil”. Evil. A man with 30 years of service, praised by all who know him, respected across the profession, Leftist protesters claim this man is “evil”. They promise to launch more investigations working toward impeachment.

Physical assault is a great weapon the Left uses to accuse others, and actual physical assault has become the tactic of choice Leftists use against conservatives almost daily. It’s the knife that cuts both ways. It is downright psychotic.

Did these psychotic people by their freak outs change any minds? Not on your life. Did they influence the outcome? Not one iota. Did they get paid to cause needless trouble, even murder by media? Indeed.

Operatives commissioned by George Soros and Barack Obama make no secret of their status. Consequently, it is obvious the Deep State they deny is the Nursing Mother on whom they rely. One of the tentacles of the Deep State, Planned Parenthood, (tax supported), issued an edict recently, promising to ‘make you pay’ if you support Kavanaugh.

What are they going to do? Dismember us?

That was the recommendation of a radical pro-death professor back east. She issued a statement recommending the killing of white men. Murder was not enough for this “professor”. She also suggested that once dead, white men be castrated then fed to pigs. Show of hands! How many of you parents are happy you’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to support this professor and thousands like her so these “lessons” can be taught your child? Expensive lessons.

How do so many people come to believe so many lies, instilling so much irrational rage, to the point they seriously propose murder and mutilation? Social justice pawns are so brainwashed by V.I. Lenin on down, they believe life can only find meaning in death, especially the deaths of innocent bystanders.

Death threats abound, voiced by Leftists all around. One such psychotic promised to commit suicide if Kavanaugh was approved for SCOTUS service.

From the Hart Senate Office Building to local restaurants, from airports to the halls of Congress, weeping and wailing, slander and screaming have replaced reasoned debate. As Kavanaugh was being sworn in, protesters were literally clawing at the door to the Supreme Court.

People said they were glad they ruined a good man’s life based only on a rumor.

Others vowed revenge, incapable of identifying the enemy, other than white Republicans, generally.

The devil is having a field day.

Anyone deemed the enemy by the psychotics is now a target. Being hounded merely for your existence is giving way to physical attacks, and they will surely lead to deaths given the insane frenzy of the mob. And let’s all remember, the mob was built largely by the school system, a system dominated by atheistic communists for at least 50 years, a system dominated by America haters who love Barack Obama, the fundamental transformer. They cry: “Dismantle civilization in the name of building civilization!” But they forget the civility factor, or just reject it as inconsequential.

Our children were taught to believe they are their own gods, that they possess truth, and they therefore have the right to impose their truth, even at the point of a gun. They also believe anyone who disagrees is an enemy, one to be disposed of, by any means. The hypocrisy of Antifa is only one small manifestation of the animalism of fascism running rampant across the country. Yet, the psychosis is not confined to the streets.

Prominent pundits have also succumbed. According to most of the so-called intellectual geniuses holding court on television nightly, Kavanaugh and Trump supporters are evil doers, the vanguard of the new white supremacy movement. We are threatened with death if we disagree, for the judges have ruled, the gods have spoken. Like Christine Blasey Ford, accusations are leveled, without a particle of evidence to support them, but with much testimony to dispute them. Still, for the Left, due process and facts have no influence. There’s a war to win. And if winning is everything, even at the expense of innocent lives, what difference?

If they were willing to kill 60 million human beings in the womb, what makes you think they’d hesitate to kill you?

The good news is very good indeed. The madness and mayhem of the last 50 years, sponsored by the Left in all its infamy, has sparked a renewal of Americanism. Patriots are forming up to fight back in earnest, in the Spirit, and in the flesh. This President is effectively leading the charge. It remains to be seen if voters will make history in November. Strong indicators show patriots outnumber psychotics and they are itching for a fight.

It is the classic stuff of history, the battle between good and evil, for truly the Left is evil, and deserves defeat.

Image: CCO Creative Commons; Excerpted from: https://pixabay.com/en/devil-archangel-michael-notre-dame-1566853/

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.