Feminist’s Billboard Pulled Down Because It’s ‘Hate Speech’

Written by Wes Walker on October 7, 2018

The kicker? It was a simple dictionary definition.

The folks who gave us the Magna Carta are in cultural free-fall.

They’re demonstrating that adage of those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.

In the country that has no free speech provisions, Social Justice Warriors have cried foul over the dictionary definition of a word.

They had it taken down as ‘hate’ speech.

What word was it? Woman.

Case in point: a billboard in Liverpool that quoted the dictionary definition of “woman” has been removed after it was deemed transphobic hate speech.

The poster featured only six words: “Woman, women, noun, adult human female.” This is the definition provided in the dictionary for the word woman yet it was deemed dangerous by a transgender activist who branded the poster “hate speech.”

Feminist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, founder of the women’s rights group Standing for Women, was behind the billboard campaign. Keen-Minshull is worried that women are under attack from trans groups who seek to redefine the biological definition of woman. So, she launched a campaign to simply inform people of the definition.
Source: FreedomOutpost

What was at issue?

It was a woman’s group worried that women’s rights were being eroded by certain new special interest groups under the rainbow banner that were blurring the lines of who we mean by the word woman.

Feminist activist vs. Trans activist.

(Who else saw this day coming?)

Can you guess who wins out?

(Consults Social Justice victim hierarchy chart)

Win goes to the Trans activist. Always.

Becuase they’re more oppressed. It says so in the rules.

And so it did.

“There is no place for hatred, exclusion or transphobia in Liverpool,” Harrop said on Twitter. “This billboard was funded by a transphobic hate group… motivated solely by transphobia and a desire to exclude trans people from public life. To say otherwise is entirely disingenuous.”
Source: FreedomOutpost

The Feminist who put up a billboard with a dictionary definition of Woman was shot down.

As hate speech.

Chew on that awhile. Are you for women? That could make you a hater.

They keep dividing people into smaller and smaller oppressed groups.

Instead of competing interest groups, wouldn’t it be better if we went back to the original concept of E Pluribus Unum?

(Or as Ann Coulter so elegantly put it, E Pluribus Awesome?)