Great Games and a Snoozer Predicted: Pigskin Pundit, NFL Week Six

Published on October 10, 2018

by Pigskin Pundit
Clash Daily Guest Contributor

Eagles at Giants – As bad as Philly’s Superbowl hangover has been, the Giants are in disarray…again. Philly by a New York minute.

Bucs at Falcons – Atlanta needs to win this division matchup at home to preserve Dan Quinn’s job. Falcons cash in the Bucs.

Carolina at DC – The Skins seem to be chasing their tails yet again, with so many resets at key positions. No wonder Cousins bailed on anymore Capitol punishment. Rivera’s ruffians rule the road.

Seahawks at Raiders – The dinged-up Seattle Squawkers showed some spine last week against the brutal Rams. I like them to do the same in Oakland and shove another loss at Chucky’s children.

Dolts at Jets – The Jets strafed Denver last week, and at home again this week I like them to ride the Colts to another victory.

Arizona at Minnesota – Dome shmome, the red birds are flying north into the horns of a Vikings team that is becoming a gathering storm in the NFC. A bird in the hand…. well, you know the rest. Vikes big.

Steelers at Cincy – This will be a game to watch. Pittsburgh is trying to find consistency, and the Bengals are looking for respectability, in an always-gritty divisional battle. I like the Big Cats at home, by a whisker.

Bolts at Browns – Cleveland keeps improving, as we knew they eventually would. But LA is a pretty solid team, and I don’t see the Chargers Browning out in Cleveland.

Bills at Texans – The Battle for Texas last week showed that Houston is starting to solidify, and this week they should get Clowney back on that front line. Buffalo gets rounded up by Texans.

Bears at Dolphins – Everybody loves to watch Bears eat Fish. This should be a National Geographic special.

Rams at Broncos – Denver has let me down almost every week so far, so I am letting them down, easier than LA will. Los Angeles continues to Ram their way through the NFL, as Orange gets crushed.

Ravens at Titans – Both teams had unexpected losses last week, so this is “Get Back On Track” week for one of them. Titans brighten their future while the Ravens flutter.

Jaguars at Cowboys – We know about Dallas’ struggles, but will we see Jacksonville’s meek Dr. Jekyll or the unstoppable Mr. Hyde this week? Something tells me the victory cry in Dallas will be ‘Dooo-Vall’.

Chiefs at Patriots – The smart money is on the incredible Chiefs in this one, so I will go with the Pats at home against Mahomes. KC is certainly capable of winning this one…. but I like the way the Pats are coming along. Muskets over arrows and tomahawks.

SF at GB – A snoozer for a Monday Night game. The only gold the Niners find in Green Bay will be green and gold, and that will be located in the end zone….several times. Packers hold at home.

Enjoy the games!


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