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HS Football Player Suffers Head Injury During Game – DIES 2 Days Later

Kids expect injuries to be part of sports. But nobody expects them to be lethal.

Broken bones.

Sprained ankles.

Separated shoulders, and a whole lot of bruises.

All of that is the ‘occupational hazard’ of playing ball.

But nobody actually expects to DIE playing football, do they?

That makes the story of Dylan Thomas, High School Junior in Pike County, Georgia, so much more tragic.

The high school junior was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital with a severe brain injury, and had two surgeries to remove swelling on his brain.
[…] Thomas had been playing for the Varsity team against the Peach County team when he was hurt. His uncle told FOX 5 that Thomas was hit in the second quarter and then got back on the field. He said while he was sitting on the sidelines, his arm and leg went numb and then he collapsed.

The family says they’re overwhelmed with support and that the community’s love has helped them immensely.
Source: FoxAtlanta

When you’re a kid you think you’ll live forever. And young guys are as guilty as anyone of having that walk it off or ‘just should rub some dirt on it’ attitude toward getting hurt.

But as Dylan’s case reminds us, it’s one thing to play through the pain with a cracked rib or a sprained ankle. You can tape up an ankle.

But when you get your bell rung, we need to take it seriously.

Because Dylan thought he was ok to go back on the field… when he really needed to be in an ambulance.

It’s the only life you’ve got.

Wes Walker

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