James Woods Wants To Know How A ‘Migrant Caravan’ Is Moving So Fast?

Written by Wes Walker on October 22, 2018

It’s amazing how James Woods, with a map and a calculator, noticed something odd that the “news networks” completely missed.

They’re traveling on foot, right?

They have to occasionally stop for rest and food, too? And that’s not even accounting for the bathroom breaks?

You’d expect stragglers to fall behind, and the group to get smaller. Or else, for the group to become slowed to the speed of its slowest member.

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That group includes children and pregnant women, we are told, doesn’t it?

How long do you think it would take a group of that size to hoof it to America? Here are James Woods’s interesting logistics calculations:

Don’t look now, but ‘hoofing it’ looks a lot different when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Mexico has already arrested one organizer of this ‘herd’ of humanity. He just ‘happened’ to be involved in another mass-migration effort like this just this past spring. Also, he has been deported from where he’d been living in Phoenix.

But this isn’t political.

It’s not ‘staged’.

If the crowds happen to show up at the border just in time for a spectacle at our border during midterms, that will be merely a serendipitous coincidence.

It will also be a reminder that the Left (who tend to support sanctuary cities and decry ICE) has no commitment to the rule of law.

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