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LMAO: Warren’s Got A Fresh ‘Reason’ For Her DNA Test And It’s PURE Specious Doo

Now that Fauxcahontas has realized that the triumphant release of her DNA test was a complete political flop, she’s trying a new tactic.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was sick and tired of President Trump calling her ‘Pocahontas’ that she decided to take the DNA test to prove once and for all that she has Native American ancestry… except that her test revealed that she has less Native American DNA than the average white American.

Her DNA test showed that she is overwhelmingly of white, European heritage, but may have somewhere between 1/64th to 1/1024th Mexican, Colombian, or Peruvian ancestry. That’s somewhere between 6 and 10 generations back, which is nowhere near the story that she’s been peddling for decades. Last time I checked, Mexican, Colombian, or Peruvian, is not Cherokee or Dakota as she claimed.


The Media (D), however, said that she was vindicated! They crowed in their headlines that her sliver of a possibility of Native American ancestry was proof-positive that she was a legitimate descendant of an oppressed group.

And then… she was humiliated online with memes, memes, and more memes.

Senator Lindsey ‘Grahambo’ Graham (R-SC) said that he’s going to take a DNA test to see if he has more of a connection to the Cherokee nation than Sen. Warren.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley mocked her at the Al Smith dinner.

And an actual descendant of Pocahontas, as well as the Cherokee nation, lambasted her for her lame attempt at claiming Native American status.

In short, her one shot at Identity Politics failed miserably, even as the Media (D) tried to prop up the lie.

But now, she’s got a new reason for revealing the embarrassing DNA test results — she’s being ‘transparent.’


If she means ‘transparent’ in that we can see right through her — then, yes, she is indeed being ‘transparent.’

But let’s not lose sight of what happened here.

President Trump got under her skin with his ‘forever name’ for her, and then, in her attempt to fight back, she self-destructed.

Sometimes, the effects of Trump Derangement Syndrome™ (TDS) are fantastic.

And hilarious.

Tyler Cowen has a very interesting take on ‘Political Correctness’  which he wrote in Bloomberg — he calls it the perfect intellectual and political weapon that is being used to destroy the Left from within. Cowen claims that it is already destroying the Left because they have abandoned any semblance of policy because they are preoccupied ‘with their own vanities and squabbles, a bit like a drug so good that users focus on the high and stop everything else they are doing.’

His primary example is… Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The PC weapon reared its head again this week when Senator Elizabeth Warren made a big show of her genealogical test showing she is some small part Native American. To someone immersed in the political correctness debates, this obsession with identity might seem entirely natural. But the actual reality is more brutal.

The reality is that many Americans already think that the Democrats talk too much about identity. Warren would have done better to drop the topic altogether, as both right-wing and left-wing critics agree. Instead, she has kept the identity issue in the limelight, and reminded Americans that elite, mostly Democratic-leaning institutions, such as Harvard, like to pat themselves on the back for their diversity in ways which seem phony to most of the rest of us.

So if you are a right-wing, conservative, or perhaps libertarian thinker, and you consider yourself an opponent of political correctness, I have a message: Political correctness, as a movement, is a winning issue for you. It is disabling some of the ideas you don’t like. You might want to celebrate in secret, but celebrate you should.

Source: Bloomberg

A recent study showed that the vast majority of Americans of every demographic group despise Political Correctness.

The Democratic Party has been building itself on this foundation of sand for decades — and the rain is coming.

You know what that means for Senator Elizabeth ‘99.9 Percent White’ Warren?

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