Leftist Thought Control: Keep Men ‘Guilty’ … and Compliant

Written by Kenn Daily on October 11, 2018

A 20-year-old woman was raped, stabbed, and stoned to death in South Africa a few months ago. The trial for four males suspected of the crime began this week.

The Me-Too movement failed to take notice.

Rather, the far left has co-opted sexual abuse as a leverage to further the cultural Marxism agenda that includes domestic and ecclesiastical Marxism; that is, Marxist-style equalism applied to families and churches.

Hitching a ride on the Me-Too train is evangelical female speaker and author, Beth Moore.

Reports say Moore’s drummer humbled himself before Moore’s live audience in a show of contrition and, in behalf of all men everywhere, apologized for abusing them. The fact that the musician draws a paycheck may have influenced his decision.

So what’s the problem?

Consider that confession is the cornerstone component of the eight pillars of mind control as described by research psychologist and mind-control expert, Robert Jay Lifton, in his stellar work, Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism. Ninety-two-year-old Lifton knows what he is talking about.

Back in the 1950’s he did field research by interviewing survivors of communist China’s prison system where Christians and others endured years of torture and brainwashing.

According to Lifton, “There is an ethos of confession because if somebody is kept confessing you can gain control over his or her guilt and shame mechanism.”

In his book he describes how communist captors would torture Christians until they confessed to crimes they did not commit. The torture would continue as more confessions were demanded. In time — typically about three years — the inmates would believe their own confessions.

This thought reform technique is commonly used by the far left as we are encouraged to name our white privilege, apologize for slavery or, in the case of Beth Moore’s stunt, confess to abusing women.

Having trod the earth for six and a half decades, I can assure you that women are every bit as abusive as men; sometimes more so; particularly when it comes to emotional abuse. Note, for example, the agonizing abuse recently suffered by Brett Kavanaugh. I wonder: What woman will stand and apologize to all men for countless generations of emotional abuse? The answer: None. Nor should they. Nor should Moore’s music man. It’s absurd.

Granted, men are more genetically predisposed to physical abuse than women — hence the statistic that about 93 percent of all prison inmates are males. Acknowledging reality is not the problem. Opening the church to demonic oppression as expressed through the fake feminist movement is a problem and Beth Moore should be ashamed.

Perhaps Moore should set the example by apologizing to all men. I’m being facetious.

Moore heaped praise on the contrite musician, complementing him as a gentleman and, in so doing, implicitly accusing men who fail to follow suit as being something less. Like the Chinese captors taught, there is a price to pay for non-compliance.

Granted, also, that the Pauline letter to the churches in Galatia assures us there is neither male nor female “in Christ.” Was the apostle advocating for domestic and ecclesiastical Marxism? I think not. Rather, he was observing that salvation is unlimited rather than restricted to gender, ethnicity, or social status.

Later Paul advised women to keep silent in the church. Maybe that is why Beth Moore finds convention centers rather than churches more accommodating to her message.

From CBN News:

On the heels of a bitter nomination fight over Judge Brett Kavanaugh that prompted a national conversation about sexual assault, Bible study speaker Beth Moore used her ministry platform over the weekend to engage in a powerful healing moment for many survivors of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Speaking at an event for Native American women in Chinle, Arizona, she stepped back while long-time drummer Kevin Jones knelt before the audience, asking forgiveness for past hurts by men.

In a series of tweets Monday morning, Moore called it the most powerful moment of the weekend.

Image: CCO Creative Commons; Excerpted from: https://pixabay.com/en/burnout-man-face-bullying-stress-3721062/

Kenn Daily
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