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One Keen Observer Spots This Similarity Between Death Row Inmate Darlie Routier and Blasey-Ford

Just encase you haven’t heard of Darlie Routier or the crime she is on death row for, well, let me give you a nutshell explanation. Let’s go down memory lane, way back to the “gooder” old days, back before 9-11 around the mid-nineties, there lived a housewife and mother in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas. One night, pretty, buxom Darlie claimed that a man had broken into her home and had stabbed to death with a huge kitchen knife her two young boys, Damon and Devon. Long story short the jury didn’t buy her story and sentenced good ol’ Darlie to death. There she has been sitting for twenty plus years proclaiming her innocence, apparently Texas has a rougher time executing their woman murderers.

Anyhow ever so often over the years, 60 Minutes, or some other news show goes up to the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, Texas and interviews Darlie for yet another TV special. Yes, I am always a watcher of anything to do with crime stories, so to my better recollection the last show that aired a few months back was probably the third show about Darlie that I have seen over the decades. It looked like age was finally getting the best of her, now forty-eight, still in her prison state issued whites, her blonde hair now long gone back to her natural dark hair.

As the TV show relived all the sad-ugly story again with film clips, I really wanted to believe her story about the “intruder” but one thing that kept gnawing at my gut (because I take these stories seriously as if I’m a judge, and it’s my responsibility to decide innocence or b.s.) I couldn’t help but notice to the point that “it” was screaming at me, she’s lying, she, Darlie, did do it, she murdered her beautiful baby boys, the jury did get it right. The “it” was her hair! During the interview her eyes were constantly being concealed behind her bangs, which so conveniently kept falling into them…and she never brushed the bangs out of her eyes…not once!

Fast forward to the Kavanaugh (sham) hearings. I saw the same character failure that Darlie displayed from Christine Blasey-Ford who I refuse to call professor in order to give her any form of legitimacy or honor. You know some supposedly smart people can be dumb as rocks, her case in point.

Ok, so Ford didn’t stab Kavanaugh to death, but she might as well have. You know the old saying, sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me? Well, that’s a lie from Hell. Kavanaugh was murdered, he now has the task of re-gaining a reputation he never should have lost to begin with.

Ford’s law team should have schooled her on body language, because Ford failed miserably and in front of the whole world, too. Not just hair in the eyes, but peering over her glasses too, when she said she was 100% sure it was him. Another thing about this fiasco, Democrat cronies should have done their homework on their victim and did a pre-background check on the honorable Kavanaugh to see if their made-up lies could stick, before trying to accuse him of such impropriety, that he would never have taken part in. The Dems must have confused Kavanaugh with Teddy-boy Kennedy or Al-deplorable-Franken or any of a plethora of other slutty elected Democrat males. Either way a liar is a liar, just watch the hair in the eyes.

Image: Excerpt from: United States Senate cameras. Official video by the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, as posted to – and YouTube., Public Domain,


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