LMAO: UFC Fighter Gives Epic Shout Out To Kavanaugh – Great Video!

Written by Wes Walker on October 8, 2018

And just like that, the ‘Notorious RBG’ isn’t the only Justice with a memorable nickname.

Presenting Justice ‘Special K’ Kavana.

Remember how all those stuffy Hollywood awards shows would mock the MMA and other Deplorable-friendly entertainment events? Consider this a little ‘payback’.

Not long after JUSTICE Kavanaugh was sworn in (and no, we will NOT get tired of saying his title any time soon) he got a shout out from another tough competitor.

Nik Lentz, after his win.

That UFC night — with that free-for-all mayhem after the title bout — may have been the only place in America with more drama than the Kavanaugh vote.

Even if Hollywood doesn’t know the difference between an Octagon and October, the militant activists so intent on destroying Kavanaugh are going to hear about this shout-out.

Not only will they ‘not like it’, they’ll be positively SEETHING. How DARE anybody put public support behind ‘that guy’.

Should it really surprise them, though?

Kavanaugh was endorsed by a LOT of winners.

Why wouldn’t the guy who won the bout be one of them?

Democrats can go back to whatever it is they do when they seethe with rage. Scream at the sky. Write mean tweets. Seek treatment for low-T.

Maybe they’d like to try cornering him in an elevator? (We REALLY don’t recommend it.)

We’re going to crack a cold one and enjoy the win. Here’s to Nik Lentz and his hard-fought victory.

And here’s to “Special K”. (Do you think the nickname will stick?)

Even the most hopelessly landlocked Trump fan can unleash their ‘inner surfer’ with this one!

There is no question, Trump is the ‘Big Kahuna’ of politics.

News network can’t go two stories without bringing his name into the conversation one way or another.

He is, once again defying all political odds, and is whipping up strength down-ticket on the Mid-terms.

He stuck to his guns over Kavanaugh and convinced the Senate to do the same, and the polls are showing it!

Not long ago, the Media(D) were excitedly chattering about a blue wave. Then the gap narrowed.

And now?

Now, it’s looking like this:

A bright red wave. It captured his Don’t GAF style nicely.

The art on his board is a nice touch, too.

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