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Mom ARRESTED For Letting Her 10yr. Old Son Get A Tattoo – Here’s Her Excuse

Dear Idiots: When you post videos of the horrible, horrible mistakes you make, there are consequences.

This mom didn’t learn how to say no to her son and the consequence was huge.

She’s now facing charges which could result in up to six months in jail if convicted. She has been charged with two first-degree misdemeanors — endangering of a child, as well contributing to the delinquency of a child.

Nikki Dickinson, 34, was arrested in Bellefontaine, Ohio, and taken into custody on Friday on charges of child endangering and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

In a horrifying video which emerged online last week, her young son was filmed receiving a tattoo from 16-year-old Kyle Richardson in unsanitary conditions in his home.

Dickinson is not visible in the video. Her friend, Justice Oyer, was filmed comforting and distracting the young boy as he asked repeatedly whether the artist was finished. Oyer has not been charged.

Dickinson told police that she was tired of him constantly pleading with her to get a tattoo.

It is legal for a minor to get a tattoo with parental permission in Ohio, but only if it is done in a business which follows health and safety guidelines. Dickinson did not do this. The tattoo was given by a 16-year old that has a history of malpractice.

According to police, the teenage tattoo artist who gave him the inking has a history of malpractice and once gave a person MRSA from a dirty needle, ABC reports.

He was charged with not following safety and sanitary guidelines. State law in Ohio means it is legal for minors to get tattoos with their parents consent but only if it is done in a business where health and safety standards are met.

Dickinson, in effect, was not charged for letting the boy get a tattoo but for the manner in which she allowed it to take place.

Her filming the incident and appearing to coerce him into it is why she was charged with contributing to juvenile delinquency.

Dickinson doesn’t appear in the video, and it’s another woman, Justice Oyer that is holding the boy as he is getting the tattoo.

Oyer is not being charged, and her mother said that she ‘regrets taking part‘ in the incident.

However, the tattoo artist, 16-year old Kyle Richardson is facing charges.

Richardson was charged with two delinquency counts of tattooing prohibitions. He is being charged as a minor.

Source: Daily Mail

Oyer’s mother defended Dickinson by saying that although she makes ‘bad choices’, the boy is not abused or neglected.



That is some terrible parenting right there.

If I gave in to the ridiculous demands of my kids, I’d have a pony in my backyard, we’d eat nothing but cheeseburgers, and I’d be the Free Uber for them and their friends forever.

No. Thank. You.

Instead, I say no to my kids. I say it all the time. It’s wonderful, beautiful, and when I’m feeling creative, I make it into a song just as this comedian did.

That last part would have served Nikki Dickinson and her son well.

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