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Kavanaugh Quits Teaching At Harvard Law – Here’s The 411

Can you blame him? What would he face if he had set foot on the Harvard campus?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, has indicated that he will not be teaching a course at Harvard Law School in 2019. Ironically, the three-week course was titled, ‘The Supreme Court Since 2005’ and detailed major decisions by the highest court in recent years.

Embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh will not return to teach at Harvard Law School in January, according to an email administrators sent to Law students Monday evening.

“Today, Judge Kavanaugh indicated that he can no longer commit to teaching his course in January Term 2019, so the course will not be offered,” Associate Dean and Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs Catherine Claypoole wrote in the email, which she sent on behalf of the Law School’s Curriculum Committee.

A Harvard Law School spokesperson confirmed late Monday night that Kavanaugh will not teach his course, titled “The Supreme Court Since 2005” and slated to last for three weeks. Kavanaugh has taught at the Law School for roughly a decade.

Pressure had been placed on the Law school to ditch Kavanaugh by Social Justice Warriors who are now in desperate need of someone to explain to them that an accusation does not mean guilt.

It was reported that some students cheered when Judge Kavanaugh said in his opening remarks that he may never be able to teach again. They then held a protest and said that they ‘deserve better’.

Really, Harvard?

Didn’t you hire Sen. Elizabeth ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren for diversity reasons?

Give me a freaking break.

A few days before Claypoole announced Kavanaugh’s decision to sever ties with Harvard Law School, hundreds of school alumni signed a letter to Manning urging him to “rescind” Kavanaugh’s position as a lecturer and to forbid the judge from teaching this winter. The alumni had not sent the letter to Manning as of Monday evening, though it is available online.

“We believe that Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment as an HLS lecturer sends a message to law students, and in particular female students, that powerful men are above the law, and that obstructive, inappropriate behavior will be rewarded,” the letter states. “Judge Kavanaugh is not leadership material, and he is not lectureship material. HLS would be tarnished to have him on campus in any position of authority.”

“We ask that you rescind his lectureship,” the letter continues.

Source: The Harvard Crimson

The Boston Globe reports that Harvard Law School made the announcement ‘under pressure from students and alumni.

Anti-Kavanaugh Groupthink summed up right here:

The announcement came as the Harvard Undergraduate Council called on university officials to investigate sexual assault allegations leveled at the Supreme Court nominee before allowing him to return to teaching at the law school, the student newspaper reported.

The council voted Sunday night to demand that the university launch a probe, according to a report in The Harvard Crimson.

“The Undergraduate Council stands in solidarity with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, and all survivors of sexual violence,” the council wrote in a letter requesting the investigation, the Crimson reported. “We also stand with members of Harvard Law School who request a full and fair investigation into allegations against Judge Kavanaugh before he is allowed back on campus to teach.”

Source: Boston Globe

These Harvard Law students and alumni are taking the absolutely ludicrous Swetnick accusation seriously?

Dear Lord in heaven, help us!

Congratulations to Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and the rest of the Democrats for destroying a man’s reputation for their own political gain.

We’ll remember that come November.

K. Walker

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