Old Obama Interview Reveals Problem Teen Drinking And Drug Use Wasn’t Disqualifying To Be President

Written by Wes Walker on October 4, 2018

Drinking and ‘anger’ are the Liberals’ excuse for why we ‘must not’ confirm Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, is it? We’ll do you one better. Let’s look at our Last PRESIDENT.

When it became clear that their MeToo claims that Kavanaugh’s secretly a ‘rapist’ started falling apart, the left didn’t throw in the towel and let the vote proceed. They fought harder. (Let that be a lesson to OUR team about playing for keeps.)

In their case, that means fighting dirtier. They didn’t have any LEGITIMATE reason to oppose him. He has now gone through SEVEN (!) FBI criminal background checks in his lifetime.

And of course, they didn’t have the votes to stop him. (Thank you, Chuck Schumer, for using that Nuclear Option!)

They went turning over rocks for any scrap of an accusation they could throw at him. They decided on the ‘frat boy’ narrative to overthrow his ‘choir boy’ reputation, and any hint of rowdiness in his college years gets magnified to the nth degree.

Like the story about him chucking ice at somebody in a bar. That means he’s violent. And violent means he’s probably a sexual predator.

They’re also painting the picture of Kavanaugh being a ‘blackout drunk’, which makes his ability to testify in his own defense more difficult. It gives a convenient excuse to the Left for WHY he doesn’t remember the party that NOBODY else has been able to corroborate.

“Of COURSE he doesn’t remember it…” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Guilty until proven innocent. And just like that, the Democrats have just Culturally Appropriated the Spanish Inquisition.

Do you know to whom they DIDN’T apply these same standards?

Ok, maybe that was a trick question.

There IS more than one right answer.

But there was someone more recent than that. We mean the President with such an elevated view of his own importance that he refuses to go away and allow that ‘smooth transition of power’ Hillary chided us all about in October of 2016 to actually happen.

Of course, we mean Barack ‘I did some blow’ Obama. Here he is talking about youthful drinking and fighting in his school days.

What’s that?

He called himself a THUG???

And fistfights? Clearly, he’s suffering from toxic masculinity. Part of that infernal patriarchy. Probably a rapist who’s just never been caught yet, right?

Six beers in an hour? During class?

It was more than that. Here’s an animated report representing some of his youthful ‘misadventures’. I hadn’t heard about the ‘rolled a car’ part before now.

At least it didn’t land in a river.

Clearly, he doesn’t have the temperament to be a respected public official, let alone the public face of our nation.

Oh, wait… too late. He’s already served as President.

Also, since he had written two — TWO(!) — autobiographies before he’d ever been President, it isn’t as though his drinking, choom gangs, cocaine use, or even eating dog were considered disqualifying.

Did they hold that same standard for HIS predecessor? Nah. Dubya has an (R) after his name. So he’s fair game.

Maybe Trump’s ‘just say no’ approach to Drugs and Alcohol has served him well.